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Here at safes, all our concern is to not only keep children and teenagers safe online but also by informing parents allow them to help their kids, build healthy digital habits.
Safes Is THE ONE COMPREHENSIVE Digital Safety App
Safes is founded in 2020 by our co-founders who used to work in the network safety domain for several years, and while researching the technical loopholes regarding digital safety, they came across the problems schools and families had with handling children’s digital activities and trusting them with the internet. Therefore, they decided to expand Safes monitoring and controlling features and develop Safes School and Safes Family in order to help schools' principles and parents manage children appropriately.We developed a series of digital security apps covering families and schools to help them manage their internet activities in the safest, most efficient, and time-saving manner.
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With the help of the best teams of developers and designers and marketers, and with Safes proprietary technology, it is our honor to provide parents all around the globe with the best services, tools, and content to help them monitor kids and keep them safe both on and off the internet.
Safes family's user-friendly dashboard has come to parent’s and children's rescue with monitoring and controlling services such as Geofence, App Blocker, Web Filter, Smart Schedule, Live Location, and many more!
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