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Safes School has a wide variety of tools to help teachers provide a healthier, more productive learning experience for students. Our app’s tools, better known as “Features”, are all you need to keep distractions away from students!
Safe search
App Blocker
Location History
Live Location
Geo fencing
Web Filter
Screen Time


Web Activity

There is no limit to what kids can do on the Internet. By managing the websites they visit and staying informed about their searches, students won’t be able to access bad websites. We will also show a comprehensive report on their searches to give teachers an idea about what each student is into.

Streaming Services

Apps and websites like Youtube are a no-go for schools; unless the teacher tells students to bring up an educational video. Streaming services can be stopped and blocked by Safes when it’s school time.

App Activity

There are many things kids can learn from apps. Meditation and educational apps are used by teachers and students all around the world for better results. But many of the millions of apps on different platforms stop children from learning. That is why it’s important to monitor their app activity.


Teachers can see the state of the student’s device; battery, storage, temperature, etc.

Explicit Content Detection

Seeing explicit content is not always intentional. But Safes leaves no room for such content. Our app’s algorithms detect inappropriate online material and inform the teachers immediately, helping them keep students safe.

SOS Alert

Call Parent
Who is the closest person to a child, with whom they feel the safest? The answer is no other than parents. We have enabled the option for students to call their parents withing the app from school whenever necessary.
Call 911
Consider this a last resort option. The school staff are there for the students but in case something goes totally wrong, and kids need to call 911, they can do it directly from the Safes School app.
Call Social Services
Students can also call social services if they wish. Teachers will be informed of the call and can follow up on the matter to see why the call was made.

Geo Location

Keep the Safety

Students have never been safer! Thanks to Safes Schools’ location features. This can be a lifesaver in some cases. Parents of kids and students with autism don’t have to worry about their whereabouts anymore!


Students can no longer ditch school and run off with each other. The school will be notified as soon as they set foot outside the designated area. Moreover, the apps that students can use in this area are different than the ones in other perimetres.

Live Location

Knowing where the students are at any given moment is beneficial both for the school and the students themselves. Safes uses GPS technology, letting you know of the little scholars’ real-time location.

Find my Parent

An essential feature, the student can request to know their teacher/guardian’s location. This request can be accepted or denied judging by the situation.


Pause Device
When there’s an important meeting or for any other reason, the teacher might see fit to pause the students’ devices. There is not much that students can do with their devices whilst its paused.
App Blocker
Bad apps. Malicious apps. Distracting apps. Inappropriate apps. As teachers expect the best from their students, they can decide which ones are not contributing to their education and block them.
The amount of time kids spend on their devices at school should be managed, just like when they’re at home and it is done by their parents. Teachers can limit Screen Time by blocking apps, setting smart schedules to allow students to use apps at certain times, and other ways
Homework Check
Safes can detect plagiarism to stop children from copy pasting from other sources and help the teachers collect and check homework in an orderly manner.
Safes family's user-friendly dashboard has come to parent’s and children's rescue with monitoring and controlling services such as Geofence, App Blocker, Web Filter, Smart Schedule, Live Location, and many more!
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