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How to install and setup Safes on Parent's phone
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Manage Kid's Device with Parent's Phone
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How to install and setup Safes on Parent's phone
So you have chosen Safes to protect your child from the inapropriate,and sometimes dangerous content online. Great! Just follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go in no time!
Step 1: First, you need to install Safes on your (Parent) phone. Safes Parent app is supported on iOS. Open App Store, and search for “Safes” by directly typing it in the search bar, or simply tap on the icon below to download it on your iPhone.
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Step 2: Launch the application on your device and select “Parent”. You will be directed to this page. If this is your first time using Safes, you need to sign up. Type in your email address. Then, define a password and confirm it.launch app image
Step 3: Set up a PIN code to prevent your child from accessing the Parent App. And easily start using the app.guide for app instalation
Safes family's user-friendly dashboard has come to parent’s and children's rescue with monitoring and controlling services such as Geofence, App Blocker, Web Filter, Smart Schedule, Live Location, and many more!
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