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How to install and setup Safes on Parent's phone
Tie Up Kid's Device
Manage Kid's Device with Parent's Phone
Safe School
Safes' utility doesn't end here. We have equipped you with some other features that you can use to increase the safety of your child!
Driving Report Safes also keeps you informed on your child’s driving. You can see your child’s driving performance through a daily, weekly or a monthly report. Information about the child’s overspeedings are also displayed here.This feature shows you how many trips the child has had, including an overall duration of their trips. Also, you get a full history on the locations your child has driven to.
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Find My Parent If a child needs to find the parent’s location, they can send an invitation to the parent. The parent can accept or refuse the child’s invitation. If the parent accepts the invitation, the child will be given access to the parent’s real-time location.
Suspicious PhotosSee if your child has viewed any suspicious photos.
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Safes family's user-friendly dashboard has come to parent’s and children's rescue with monitoring and controlling services such as Geofence, App Blocker, Web Filter, Smart Schedule, Live Location, and many more!
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