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How to install and setup Safes on Parent's phone
Tie Up Kid's Device
Manage Kid's Device with Parent's Phone
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You can take a new picture using your device’s camera, choose from one your library or just pick an avatar. You can also add a bio and write what describes your child the best!
Child Management: Here you can see the Child profiles you have added so far, edit them, add new ones, delete them and manage their devices. If you wish to create a child with a new device, or add a new device for an existing child, you have to repeat the Add Child process.And one other thing, if you delete a child’s device, his/her other device will be set as the default device. Consequently, if a child has no device, the child WITH a device will be recognized as the default child.web filter category
Security panel Change PIN code:You can change your PIN code if you think it has been exposed to the child. Just type in your current PIN code and then define a new one and confirm to change it.
Face ID: Another way to access Safes Parental Control app, is by Face ID. Look into the camera and wait until your face is recognized and confirmed. You can enable Face ID from this menu at any time.screen time Appblocker
Touch ID: You can also enter this app with your Touch ID. Place your finger on the “Fingerprint” area and wait until it recognized and confirmed. You can enable Touch ID from this menu at any time.
Plan management: Browse our plans and choose the one that suits you and your child the best! Payment list: View a list of payments for the plan you have previously chosen.
FAQ: Your browser will take you to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Sign Out: By choosing to sign out, you exit your account. Should you wish to use the app again, you are going to have to sign in again, or sign up with a new account.web filter web activity
Safes family's user-friendly dashboard has come to parent’s and children's rescue with monitoring and controlling services such as Geofence, App Blocker, Web Filter, Smart Schedule, Live Location, and many more!
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