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Made by Parents, for Parents

Your concerns are our concerns. Safes is created by parents like you. Parents who want nothing more than to protect their little ones even when they’re not around. Having children’s safety in mind, we stopped at nothing to find the most definitive solution. Safes is the vision of unceasing protection brought to life.

Be in charge of everything

Be in charge of everything

Build positive habits for kids

Setting up a schedule for your child’s screen time is the first step to helping them live a healthy digital life. With Safes, you can limit the time your child spends on social media, provide unlimited access to educational apps, and set a bedtime so they don’t stay up late scrolling through TikTok videos.

Reshape the digital world

Use Safes to control the internet itself and protect your child from the inevitable threats of the online world. Monitor everything on your kid’s device, from the websites they visit to the content they post on social media. Found something inappropriate? Just block it on Safes, and we’ll make sure they never see it again.


Be aware of everything

Watch over your children even when you’re not around

To help parents with busy schedules, we offer Live Location services that ensure your kid will never get lost. You can constantly track your child’s location and get notified as they enter or leave school. Don’t worry if you can’t be home by the time they get back from school. We’ll tell you exactly when they arrive.

Keep up with your child's online activities everywhere

Protect your kid’s device like it’s yours! Safes lets you know if your child installs a new app or tries to open an inappropriate website. But that’s not all. Using our detailed app usage reports, you get to spot unhealthy patterns in your kid’s screen time and address them as you see fit.

Protection at Your Fingertips

Listen to your kid

Safes Kids allows children to send a “Pick me up” request to their parents or locate them at any time. To ensure the best experience on both sides, we let kids ask for more screen time, or access to an app, website, or keyword.

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