Safes School
For Safer Schools

Set rules to encourage focus and boost academic performance with Safes School.Maximum productivity and online safety is no longer a far-fetched dream.

A Glimpse on how
Safes School works

Control everything on Safes School through centralized dashboard. Manage and monitor your classes, devices and students. Assign profiles, and receive detailed reports on school events.

The right tool for every school

Make the most of Safe School's variety of features for seamless class, student, and device management.
Profile Management

Create profiles, set rules and assign them to classes

Device Management

Pair devices with the school panel and monitor them

Reports & Alerts

Get comprehensive, detailed reports on the school events

Class Managements

Create classes, add students, manage device and monitor online activities

Student Managements

Add, organize, locate and monitor all the students at school

Staff Managements

Get a hand in work to manage your school better

Invite Parents

Let all the parents know about what their children do at school

In-App Messaging

Communicate within the school using in-app messaging feature

Bus Tracking

Get notified on school bus whereabout and pick-up/ drop off times


What Safes School offers

Safes School enables you gain full control of your educational environment

Enhanced Online Safety

Secure internet browsing for students: Keep them safe from online harm while being able to monitor their activities. Create an environment for enhanced education and focused learning.


Choose the plan
that works for you



Per Device / Year

  • Profile Management
  • Device Management
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Detailed & Comprehensive Reports
Start 7-day free trial


Per Device / Year

  • All the features from the Basic plan
  • Multiple Profile Management
  • Class Management
  • Student Records
  • Staff Management
  • More Detailed Reports
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They said Read Safes School users’ feedback

John Sei

”New school management experience”

After exploring various school management solutions, we concluded that Safe School is the perfect fit for us. It's user-friendly, doesn't demand extensive IT expertise, and provides all the essential tools to ensure our schools' safety.

Sa’ad Al Rahim

“Perfect school solution”

As a teacher, I always wanted to ensure that my students are focused and free from distractions. So that’s why I decided to work with Safes School. It gives me everything I need to manage my classes and keep the students off their devices.

Maria Brahimi

“Safety for schools”

If we consider safety a must, then Safes School provides it. I can rest assured that pupils won’t hop into a website they shouldn’t. We can customize the web for them in a way the benefit from it, not hurt by it.

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Contact sales Reach out to our sales team to set up your Safe School account. Receive expert guidance, explore demos, and fortify your school's security.Our team is committed to swift responses.


Keep up with regulations Safes School meets worldwide security standards and it’s compliant with regulations, keeping users and their data safe and private.

We’re with you

Connect, learn about us, choose your plan, put it in action. We're here to make sure you have everything you need.


Need help?

Yes. You can test Safes School for free, to see if it is the right fit for your school It comes with a 14-day free trial.

Countless. Monitor as many devices as they exist at school. Pricing may differ based on the number of devices.

Yes. After your trial is over, you will continue to use your license, and it will automatically renew by the end of the license.

Safes School is a Saas, meaning that it runs smoothly on different systems and platforms.

Yes. Using the in-app messaging feature, you can keep in touch with the parents and let them know about the school events and updates.