In-App Messaging

In-School Conversations

Keep a direct line of communication with students at school, providing them with updates on school events and news. Engage with parents in both group settings and one-on-one to keep them informed about everything.

Safes School In-App Messenger

The Safes School in-app messenger is the preferred channel for school-parent communication while students are at school. This tool allows the school to maintain formal communication with both students and parents, ensuring they are promptly informed about the latest school events and news.

Keep in touch with all

Got news and events to announce? have something you need to tell someone at school? Try “In-app Messaging” feature.

1-to-1 Chat

If you need to speak with someone in person at school, our in-app messaging feature allows you to directly contact the person you require. All conversations are recorded and stored in the school directory for easy access.

Group Chat

Each class has its own dedicated chatroom for topic-specific communication. This feature allows teachers to share important information with the class, and enables students to collaborate and exchange ideas.


The school has the capability to make announcements and report necessary information to specific audience groups. This function is designed for one-way communication only, and administrative access is required to send messages through announcements.

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