Student Management

Student Safety, School Priority

Students are at the heart of the school. Enroll them, collect their essential information, effectively oversee them, and allocate your students to respective classes.

Simple Student Organization

On Safes School, it’s an easy thing to add all students of the school to the panel. You can add your students one by one, or you can add them in groups. Get their names, emails, and home addresses, as well as parent information. You can set their grades, classes, and assign different devices to it. You can also edit previously added students.

Add or import students

No matter the student count, you can add them one by one, or enroll them as a group.

Edit existing students

If you have previously added some students to your Safes School panel, you can later edit their information or delete them from the list.

Unified Student Management

Keep all student-related matters in one place - Safes School provides a centralized student management feature for effortless monitoring and administration.

Need help with the students?

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