Reports & Alerts

Detailed Reports, Watchful Alerts

Using the comprehensive reporting tool on Safes School, nothing goes unnoticed. Get full data on the devices and students’ activity.

What features are included in Safes School reports?

There is just a lot schools can do with Safes School reporting tool. Get detailed information on every single device activity, track students’ location, check attendance, monitor app usage, limit or block certain online activities, and manage website and keyword searches. Assign devices to classes and students, and set rules on them to improve security, provide safety, and help increase the concentration.

Students Reports

Add students, collect and manage their information, assign them devices and monitor their activity.

Device Reports

Pair devices with the school panel, assign them to students, track their locations, monitor their online activity, and regulate web behavior.

Multi-Platform Support

Don’t worry about the device the students have, Because Safes School supports them all.






Screen Time Reports

Safes School provides complete visibility into device usage by recording and reporting screen time. This feature equips schools with detailed statistics, allowing them to stay fully informed about student device activity.

Need to get full reports?

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