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School Buses, Drivers, Students, All In Order

The newest feature from Safes School streamlines student transportation via school buses. Parents will receive real-time updates on check-ins, ensuring they're informed about their child's whereabouts. Buses can conveniently pick up students either at their homes or designated meeting points. Bus drivers can access the school panel, allowing them to view and follow the pick-up/drop-off schedule set by the school.

Let the driver in

Rely on committed team of bus drivers for reliable and secure school student transportation services.

Drivers List

Make a list of new drivers joining the school team. Send them an email invitation and collect their information. Later, you can assign them to a bus. They can log in using their email and see when and where they need to pick up students.

Buses List

Integrate the school buses into the existing fleet. Register their plate numbers, assign a driver, and link them to a specific bus. Afterward, allocate students to their designated bus. The bus drivers can conveniently access the pick-up and drop-off routes.

Run the bus around

Once you've successfully registered your drivers and buses in the school panel, you're ready to hit the road. This means picking up students, safely transporting them to school, returning them home, and sending live updates to both the school and parents. It's a seamless and secure transportation solution for all involved.

Assign students to buses

Rely on committed team of bus drivers for reliable and secure school student transportation services.

Live Tracking of The School Bus With Reports

Once the students board the bus, you can instantly monitor their journey to and from school. Real-time reports are accessible through the school panel.

Drivers App

The Driver App, a newly developed product from Safes School, empowers bus drivers to seamlessly integrate with the school panel, enhancing the management of student transportation to and from school. With this app, students can get on or off the bus securely, while parents receive timely reports regarding arrivals and attendance. Bus drivers gain access to essential information such as meet points, addresses, and the list of students they are responsible for transporting. This user-friendly tool is designed to optimize the entire transportation process for all parties involved.

Live Student Attendance Report

The school and parents receive real-time live reports of the students' whereabouts, including pick-ups and drop-offs. This immediate information ensures the safety of the students and provides parents with peace of mind.

Predefined Meeting Points & Routes

To streamline the transportation process for drivers, addresses to students' homes and designated meeting points for group pick-ups are provided. Additionally, routes are displayed to guide the driver along the pick-up path.

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