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Creating a Safer Environment for Your Students

Set rules to encourage focus and boost academic performance with Safes School.Maximum productivity and online safety is no longer a far-fetched dream.


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Our Vision: Making the Digital World Safer

Once, a bunch of clever minds joined forces with an awesome plan: to improve school life for students. They were dedicatd to help keep kids safe on the internet—parents, teachers, and school staff. Making sure students stay protected is a big deal, right? That's where Safes School steps in. Think of it as a superhero gadget that kicks in to keep people safe when they need it the most.

The Evolution of Safes School

At first, Safes School was just for keeping an eye on devices at school. But as time went on, it seemed like a smart move to add more cool stuff to it. Nowadays, Safes School does a bunch of important things like keeping track of devices, students, apps, and who's showing up at school. It's become something that every school really needs.

Meet our leaders

Safes School is in good hands. Leaders from all around the world are working together to make sure our students and schools are safe.


Saeid Alirezaei

Co-Founder & CEO


Javad Zaeri

Co-Founder & COO


Kevin Rademakers

Sales Manager


Sami Abdoun

Sales Representative

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