Safes ensures your children’s safety and security in the vast and boundaryless world of Internet, by the best modern solutions.


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Get Away From Harmful Content

Safes blocks key words/websites, Keeping your child away from inappropriate content like pornography, violence, hate speeches, etc.

Form Healthy Digital Habits

Organize online/offline activities under parental supervision, setting a daily schedule

Track the Child’s Where & When

Safes lets you set a geo-fence for your child and gives you live location of when and where he is.

Safe and Secure Access to the Internet

By limiting children's app usage and web surfing, decide how much of the Internet they can be exposed to
Get Away From Harmful Content

We offer a complete range of features

Responding to the common dangers that threat a child’s digital well-being, including but not limited to inappropriate content exposure, online predatory behavior exposure, cyberbullying, gaming/social media addiction, mental health issues, harmful social relationships, virtual-real life balance, and education issues, we offer a variety of options to avert them in an effective, timely, and reassuring way.
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Download Safes from app store or google play and install it on both the parent’s and the child’s device.
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creating an account by entering you and your children information.
Kid among diffrent applications


Connect to your child’s device and manage their access and activity from Safes dashboard.

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Safes also has a school version to keep the students safe and secure in school perimeters. With Safes School, teachers will be able to keep their students away from distractions and unrelated content in the class, keeping their focus on the topics at hand.

Keep Children Safe and Healthy

Parents usually like to be involved in children’s digital lives, know the apps they use, block explicit content and report people who make their kids feel unsafe. Parents and their children should stay alert, people are not always who they seem to be on the net. There are fake identities, online predators and people who spread hateful and violent content. A comprehensive parental control app like Safes ensures the protection of your child and provides them safety online. Safes also makes sure that screen time exposure is just the proper amount by letting you set time limits for gaming, researching, etc.

Get Away From Online Danger

The Internet can be wonderful for children. They can use it to research school reports, communicate with teachers and other kids, and play interactive games. But online access also comes with risks, like inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators. Using apps and websites where kids interact, predators may pose as children and teenagers looking to make new friends. Parents should be aware of what their kids see and hear on the Internet, who they meet, and what they share about themselves. With Safes you can be aware of all their activity, the people they contact, the content their exposed to, etc.


Once you download Safes Family and Safes Kids on your devices and start using them, you will see the changes in your life's qualities and your children's behavior. Getting used to the changes may be a little tricky at first, but according to our community of concerned parents, Safes has helped them and their children to change for the better and build healthier online lives.

Tips and Tricks

Web Filter
Screen Time Management
Media Controller
Live Location

Web Filter

  • Keep surfing the net safe with website filtering
  • Block websites by category
  • Block or allow websites or certain keywords
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Safes School
The best solution for a better education. Help students stay focused and raise their engagement rate.

Easy Screen Management

Teachers can easily Manage, restrict, and control students’ devices and the apps and content they can access during class. Screen Manager Feature is an easy answer to all teachers' and students' struggles when in class

No Unrelated Content in Class

Safes School allows students to automatically gain access to specific subjects and materials they need during each class while the unnecessary and unneeded content stays hidden so they can solely focus on the subject being taught.

Device Tracking & Setting Limitations

Safes School accounts for the students’ devices and not only tracks the whereabouts of the devices but also can restrict them to limited sites and apps in specified locations and areas. This way, you can always think ahead of time and provide students with the needed online tools and material beforehand.

One for all

Safes School allows teachers to easily connect and set the rules for all their students in each class with one touch. This way teachers will save time and be at ease as they wont need to spend hours or days setting up the controls on each student’s device one-by-one
Safes School App provides teachers with tools that can help manage classes and students better and strengthens the bond between teachers and students so that both categories have a more comfortable and less stressful school life.
Safes School App allows students to take their restricted devices with themselves home and use them only for educational purposes. They will have full access to document storage and apps approved by their school.
Safes School App enables teachers to take online exams with the least cheating percentage as students’ access to all the other sites or chatting platforms will be restricted during the exams.
Safes School App also allows parents to manage, monitor, and, if needed, limit the apps and device functionality on student devices through any platform; iOS, Android, Windows, or MacOS.
Safes family's user-friendly dashboard has come to parent’s and children's rescue with monitoring and controlling services such as Geofence, App Blocker, Web Filter, Smart Schedule, Live Location, and many more!
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