Manage and Secure Your Kid’s Windows Device with Parental Controls

Most parental control solutions are geared towards smartphones. However, kids are threatened by digital harms on their computers as well. So, it’s essential that you keep tabs on what your kids are exposed to through their desktop. Safes creates a secure and distraction-free digital journey for your child across all major platforms, including windows 10.

To make computers safer for kids both online and offline, Windows 10 offers its free parental control app as a part of Microsoft account’s Family Safety suite. It allows you to monitor and manage your kids’ activities on Windows devices. Microsoft Family Safety also pairs with other platforms including mobile phones, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Windows 10 Built-in Parental
Controls: A Great First Step

Microsoft Family Safety is a good start as a free Windows parental control solution.
It lets you limit your little one’s screen time, restrict their access to apps and video games, and control the content they find online. You can see a list of everything they’ve purchased on their Microsoft account and receive regular email reports on your kid’s online activity.
However, it also comes with its own share of issues that encourage most parents to find a better substitute.
The most prominent problems with Windows 10 built-in parental controls are:

• Lack of Accessibility

Microsoft Family Safety’s incompatibility with non-windows operating systems forces Apple users to turn elsewhere. Furthermore, its features only work on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. So, your kids may try to bypass your restrictions by installing a different browser.

• No Social Media Monitoring

What happens if an online predator messages your kid on their Instagram account? Will you be notified in time to handle the situation? Unfortunately, Microsoft Family Safety doesn’t have a proper solution for this situation. You’ll either have to upset your child by backlisting Instagram or risk your little one’s safety.

• Insufficient Screen Time Restriction Options

Microsoft Family Safety has no options for handpicking your kid’s screen time hours. Let’s say you let your kid spends 5 hours on their PC daily. If they want, they can use up this time in one go. It can be addictive and unhealthy

• The Necessity of An Email Address

Microsoft forces parents to make their kids an email account if they want access to Windows 10 built-in parental controls. However, creating such an account for a child and sharing their private info is against the idea of online protection in the first place

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive and flexible solution, consider a third-party parental control solutions like Safes

How to Set up Windows 10 Parental Controls

Before activating parental controls on your child’s devices, they must have a Microsoft account. This account can be made directly from Windows 10, or from the Microsoft Family website. However, you may want to get used to the Microsoft Family platform from the get-go since it’s the only way you can monitor and make adjustments to your child’s account.

Follow the steps bellow to set up parental controls on windows 10:

  1. Open the Start Menu and click on the settings icon
  2. Select “Accounts” from the settings menu
  3. Now, click on “Family & Other Users” tab and select “Add A Family Member.” Then, choose “Add a member
  4. If your child already has an email address, type it in the box. If not, click on “Create an email address for a child.”
    Note: Microsoft child account is for those under 13. You can bypass this restriction by entering a fake date of birth if the account is for a teenager
  5. All parental control settings are disabled by default. To monitor your child’s activity and adjust the parental controls for Windows 10, you must open the Microsoft Family website. To do so, click on “Manage Family Settings Online from the “Family & Other Users” tab.”
  6. From here, you’ll access your child’s account and can adjust each feature to your liking.
    Note: If you’re also interested in receiving regular reports on your child’s online activity, consider enabling “Activity Reporting” from the “Activity” tab

Safes — All-around Parental Control Application for Windows 10

Safes is a parental control app for Windows 10 that helps you create a safer digital presence for your children. We’ve covered the loopholes in the built-in Family Safety parental control and created a solution that is both more comprehensive and more flexible

How Safes Helps Your Child

• Protect from Harmful Content

Safes protects your child from inappropriate and harmful content to ensure their mental wellbeing

• Form Healthy Digital Habits

Safes helps prevent harmful routines — i.e., video game addiction and unhealthy sleep patterns — and form positive digital habits

• Keep Track of When & Where

Safes tells you where your child is and what they are doing with their device in real time

• Pave the Way for Growth

Safes creates a safe and distraction-free space for your child to expand their mind and broaden their horizon

• Create Customized Safety Plans

Your child is unique. Our flexible solution helps you create a customized digital safety plan that fits your kid’s unique needs

All Set for Your Kids’ Digital Wellbeing

Safes offers everything you need to create a safe and distraction-free digital experience for your kids

• Multi-platform Monitoring

With Safes, you can remotely monitor and control a diverse array of devices and operating systems, not just windows 10. Apart from Windows, Safes supports all devices running on iOS, Android, and macOS.

• Detailed Activity Reports

Learn all about your kids’ digital behavior within seconds. Safes activity reports covers several bases, including screen time, app and social media usage, and blocked content requests.

• Screen Time Management

Set a screen time limit or create a smart day-to-day schedule to protect your kids from sleep disorders, excessive and harmful screen time, and distractions.

• Website Content Filtering

Block out inappropriate web content like violence, hate speech, and pornography. You can do this based on specific websites, content categories, or keywords. This feature is available for all browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

• App & Video Game Block

Protect your kids from inappropriate, distracting, or addictive apps. You can block, limit, or schedule your kid’s access to any app — like video games or social media — with our control app for Windows 10.

• Science-based Profiles

Safes simplifies your monitoring process by suggesting profiles that apply psychologist-recommended rules and limits based on your child’s age.

• Uninstall Protection

Don’t worry about your kid bypassing your rules. Safes uninstall protection ensures only you can remove the app from your child’s device

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? We’re here to help!

Safes parental control supports all Windows 10 and Windows 11 versions.

No. We analyzed the loopholes in Microsoft Family Safety that allows kids to bypass parental controls and covered them. You can rest assured that Safes parental controls will stay in place.

Yes. You can add specific website URLs to your block list or block them based on categories and keywords.

Yes. But only parents can add exceptions to disable Safes functions.

Yes. Safes offers detailed reports on your kids’ usage habits on their computer. You can review the reports through your Safes web panel or parental mobile app.