Make Your Kid’s iPhone Safer with Parental Controls

iPhones are simply amazing. But they can also lead to a plethora of problems for children, like digital addiction, exposure to inappropriate content, mental health issues, sleep disorders, and more. So, it’s essential that you monitor what’s going on your kids’ iPhones and intervene when necessary. Safes ensures your kid’s digital experience remains a healthy, secure, and happy one on all major platforms, including iOS.

Screen Time & Family Sharing
Parental Controls for iOS

To protect kids from digital harms both online and offline, Apple has developed its parental control feature — Screen Time — for iPhone and other iOS devices. It helps parents learn their kids’ iPhone usage habits and set limits at their own discretion.  

The other feature that can help with this is Family Sharing. This feature does many things. However, when it comes to parental controls, it provides you with the same level of insight and control over your child’s activities on their Apple device as you do on your own. 

Read through to learn how to set up parental controls on your kid’s iPhone. 

Apple’s Screen Time Feature: What Does It Offer?

Screen Time offers several useful features that help you create healthier digital experience for your children when using Apple devices. These features help you: 

1. Schedule time away from the screen 

2. Turn on downtime on demand 

3. Set content and privacy restrictions 

4. Set limits for app use 

5. Set communication limits 

6. Choose apps and contacts you want to allow at all times 

How to Set Up Parental Controls on Your Child’s Apple Device Using Your Own iPhone

There are a number of features you need to activate to be able to fully benefit from the Screen Time feature. 

Let’s go over them one by one. 

  1. Set up Family Sharing by going to Settings> Tap on your Apple ID> Tap Family Sharing. 
  2. Add your child by tapping Add Family Member and following the on-screen instructions. 
  3. Tap on your child’s profile and turn on Ask To Buy. 
  4. Go back to Settings, scroll down and tap Screen Time. 
  5. Tap on your child’s profile. Here you can set Downtime, App Limits 
  6. Set downtime for the week or customize the days and times. 
  7. Go to |App Limits to set specific time limits for specific apps. 
  8. Under Always Allowed, you can select apps that will be accessible under any circumstances. 
  9. Under Content & Privacy Restrictions, you can customize age-based restrictions on the various content your child encounters inside apps or online. 
  10. Also under your child’s profile, you will Include Website Data. Make sure it’s toggled on so you can review what websites your child has accessed on their browser. 

Apple Screen Time: Good but Limited

Apple’s built-in parental control app could be a good start if you have no monitoring solutions on your kid’s device. However, many parents aren’t satisfied with the app’s limited and inflexible parental monitoring and control features. That’s why they opt for more comprehensive and customizable third-party apps like Safes. 

Safes — All-around Parental Control App for iPhone

Safes is a parental control app for iPhone and other iOS devices that helps you create a safer digital presence for your children. We’ve covered the loopholes in iPhone’s default parental control app and created a solution that is both more comprehensive and flexible. 

How Safes Helps Your Child

• Protect from Harmful Content 

Safes protects your children from inappropriate and harmful content to ensure their mental wellbeing.

• Form Healthy Digital Habits 

Safes helps prevent harmful routines — i.e., video game addiction and unhealthy sleep patterns — and form positive digital habits.

• Keep Track of When & Where 

Our parental control app for iOS tells you where your child is and what they are doing with their iPhone in real time.

• Pave the Way for Growth 

Safes creates a safe and distraction-free space for your child to expand their mind and broaden their horizons.

• Create Customized Safety Plans 

Your child is unique. Our flexible solution helps you create a customized digital safety plan that fits your kid’s unique needs. 

All Set for Your Kids’ Digital Wellbeing

Safes offers everything you need to create a secure and distraction-free digital experience for your kids.

• Multi-platform Monitoring  

With Safes, you can remotely monitor and control a diverse array of devices and operating systems, not just windows 10. Apart from Windows, Safes supports all devices running on iOS, Android, and macOS.

• Screen Time Management 

Set a screen time limit or create a smart day-to-day schedule to protect your kids from sleep disorders, excessive and harmful screen time, and distractions.

• Safe Search 

Prevent your kid from searching inappropriate web content like violence, hate speech, or pornography on Safari. You can also add specific content categories or keywords — such as shopping or video games — to the block list.

• App Blocker  

Protect your kids from inappropriate, distracting, or addictive apps. You can block, limit, or schedule your kid’s access to any app — like video games or social media — with our parental control app for iPhone.

• Location Tracking  

Keep your kids away from dangerous environments by keeping track of where they are in real time.

• Geofence  

Create specific rules for specific places. Geofence lets you block irrelevant or distracting apps in various physical environments like schools. Geofence will also notify you when your kids check in or out of the perimeters.

• Science-based Profiles  

Safes simplifies your monitoring process by suggesting profiles that apply psychologist-recommended rules and limits based on your child’s age.

• Uninstall Protection 

Don’t worry about your kid bypassing your rules. Safes uninstall protection ensures only you can remove the app from your child’s iOS device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? We’re here to help!

No. We’ve analyzed the loopholes that let kids bypass parental controls and fixed them with Safes. We’ve made sure whatever rules you set stays in place. 

Safes supports all devices compatible with iOS 15 and above, including iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone X series, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE (1st and 2nd generation), and iPod Touch (7th generation).

Yes. There are free parental control apps for iPhone. Also, Apple’s built-in Screen Time feature is free. However, they offer relatively limited protection for iPhone. For a comprehensive protection, you need to buy third-party apps like Safes which comes for as low as $3.33 a month (yearly plan). 

Safes helps you block or limit the use of any app based on time or where your kid is at. Features like App Blocker, Smart Schedule, and Geofencing will help you do that.

Yes. Safes helps you limit or schedule your kids’ access to apps to avoid distractions or excessive screen time.