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Maximum Productivity with Safes School Premium

Safes School Premium offers optimal solutions for commonplace issues with students. It is our goal to help you unlock true potential and increase their academic performance.

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By activating Safes School on students’ devices, we will let you know the exact time each student enters or exists school. Plus, you will receive a notification if they try to skip classes and leave early.

Education Issues

Wondering if any applications are hindering your students from reaching their full potential? You can use our Activity Report tool to recognize such apps and block your students from using that app with the press of a button.

Digital Distractions

Make sure students pay attention during their classes by limiting their screen time. Moreover, you can limit the time they spend on apps like YouTube or TikTok to prevent unhealthy patterns from developing. Removing these distractions with Safes gives students a chance to be more present.

Inappropriate Content

Our Web Filter and Safe Search features guarantee that your students won’t come across inappropriate content online. Using Safes school, you get to pick and monitor everything students access on their devicdes.


Bullying on the internet is just as common as real-life bullying that happens at schools. Thanks to our app monitoring services, you will be notified immediately if students are being mean to each other online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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As much as you’d want to, it’s nearly impossible to monitor the online activity of hundreds of students simultaneously. That is why we came up with the idea of Safes School. It’s our job to keep records of your students’ digital activities and warn you if anything needs your attention. Safes School enables you to offer parents reports of their children’s online behavior and keep them up-to-date.

Over the past years, our team took in hundreds of comments from parents around the world. Thanks to their feedback, we could curate every feature to address all their concerns. These features include but are not limited to finding students’ location in real-time, restricting their screen time, blocking inappropriate content on the internet, and monitoring their activities on social platforms like Instagram. As a result, we designed the most reliable and comprehensive parental control app on the market.

Unlike most student digital safety apps that blindly restrict devices, we made it our mission to help students develop healthy habits while keeping them safe from the threats of the digital world.

Safes is verified by and follows all the safety rules on Google Play and App Store and has passed their strict security checks. Moreover, as a company that develops digital safety solutions, there is nothing more important to us than your child’s digital safety, including their privacy. To ensure your students’ private data never gets leaked, we encrypt everything on all their devices.

Yes. You can request a refund from the platform you purchased the plan. However, each platform has its own conditions for accepting a refund. We recommend you try out our services and premium features with the free trial plan if you’re on the fence about making a purchase.

Download Safes Kids for Chrombook

  1. Install the Safes Kids app on your Chromebook from Google Play. 
  2. Pair Safes Kids with parent app. Follow the instructions in the app to pair your child’s device with your parent device.  
  3. Add the Safe Kids Chrome extension. Open Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store. 
  4. Navigate to the Manage extensions page. Click the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome and select “Extensions”>”Manage Extensions”>”Details”
  5. Turn on “Allow in incognito mode” This will allow the Safe Kids extension to work in incognito mode, which is important if your child uses incognito mode to try to bypass the parental controls.
  6. Select Safes extension and follow on-screen instruction

Download Safes Kids for Android

Download the Android Kid’s app directly to get the full features!

Download Safes Kids App on Play Store

Download Safes Kids App on Play Store

Safe Kids is available on the Google Play Store, but if you download it directly from our website, you will get access to Call and SMS monitoring feature, You can monitor the phone calls of your child’s device, as well as the contacts and messages they have sent and received, including those containing inappropriate content.