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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can all the students’ activities be monitored by Safes School?

    Teachers can monitor their students' social media activity, app activity, visited websites, etc., to keep them focused in class.

  • Is Safes School enough for an all-around protection at school?

    For the most part, yes. But we consider ourselves as a complementary safety tool. We are in no way a replacement for the responsibilities of school officials.

  • Are Safes School’s features accurate?

    We have tried to cover everything related to online monitoring, and we used the best teams and technology to ensure our app is as helpful as possible. However, no app is perfect. The good thing is we stay updated! So anything that makes Safes School better and more accurate will be added as soon as possible.
    We believe that Safes School, accompanied by engaged parenting and responsible teaching, can create a safe and healthy online experience for your students.

  • Should students know that their activities are being monitored?

    Absolutely. We advise you to sit down with your child and explain that you wish to protect them from the unbelievably vast world of the internet and help them develop healthy digital habits.

  • What apps can I monitor with Safes School?

    Safes School monitors most of the trending and frequently used apps among students, such as Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

  • What if a student has more than one Instagram account?

    It is one of our features to let you monitor your students' activities on all their Instagram accounts.

  • What is Geofence?

    Geofence is like a ‘safe perimeter’ you set for your student.
    For example, when your child is at school, you can set a certain radius around the school perimeter. You will be notified as students enter or leave school.

  • Can I manage my students’ social media activities with Safes School?

    Safes School is the best way to manage your students' social media activities. Whether it’s TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Snapchat, you can let Safes do the monitoring for you.

  • How do I block an app/a website?

    To block an app, use the “Always-Blocked Apps” feature.
    As for websites, you need to use the Web Filter tool.

  • Will I be notified if a student sees an inappropriate video or picture?

    Yes. That is what Safes School is all about! You will receive notifications whenever your students do something against your rules. This includes but is not limited to blocked keywords, adult sites and material, suspicious interactions, and offensive comments.

  • Can a student install/uninstall an app without me knowing?

    The student app runs in the background of your students’ devices. So no, it cannot be uninstalled. Moreover, nothing goes without your permission with Safes School.

  • What does real-time location mean?

    Real-time location means live and current location.
    Safes School allows you to know the exact location of your students at any moment. Plus, we keep track of all the places students go throughout the day.

  • What if a student exceeds the screen time usage I have defined?

    You will receive a notification if a student exceeds the screen time limit. And the student won't be able to access their devices.

  • Can I set different screen time limits for each one of my students?

    Sure you can! You may not see fit to set the same screen time limit for all your students. That is why we have enabled you to set different rules for each one of them.

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