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    ‍Choosing suitable content for our children’s consumption can be daunting, especially with the influx of series and movies released on various platforms. One such series that has garnered attention is Netflix’s Ozark. This comprehensive Ozark parents guide aims to provide an in-depth review of the series, focusing on its content, potential impact on children, and suitability for different age groups.


    Introduction to Ozark

    Ozark, a popular Netflix series, is a gripping drama that revolves around the life of Marty Byrde, a financial planner forced to relocate his family from Chicago to a summer resort community in the Ozarks due to a money-laundering scheme gone wrong.

    The series explores the Byrde family’s efforts to navigate through their precarious situation while dealing with a variety of challenges, including dealing with a Mexican drug lord, local criminals, and law enforcement. Is Ozark scary? Ozark is more violent than scary, but it does feature graphic scenes that can scare the audience.

    While the series is undoubtedly captivating and has received high ratings on various platforms, it contains mature content that may not be suitable for younger audiences. This Ozark parents guide aims to provide insights into the series’ content and its potential impact on children.


    Poster for Ozark Series


    Popularity Among Children

    Despite its mature content, Ozark has gained popularity among children, particularly teenagers. The series’ thrilling storyline and exploration of complex characters and moral dilemmas appeal to children’s curiosity and growing understanding of the world. However, the series’ mature themes necessitate careful consideration by parents regarding its suitability for their children.


    Ozark Age Ratings and Reviews

    On IMDb, Ozark has a rating of 8.5 out of 10, indicating its popularity and critical acclaim. However, you should note that the series has been rated MA for mature audiences due to its intense content.

    On Rotten Tomatoes, Ozark has an average Tomatometer rating of 82%, with a higher audience score of 85%. While the high ratings speak to the series’ quality and appeal, they do not reflect its suitability for children.


    Content Advisories: Violence and Nudity in Ozark

    Ozark contains scenes of violence and nudity, making it potentially inappropriate for younger viewers. The series does not shy away from depicting violent acts and sexual content, often realistically and graphically.

    According to Common Sense Media, Ozark is suitable for viewers aged 17 and up due to its explicit content. The platform emphasizes the series’ depiction of violence, sex, language, drinking, drugs, and smoking, suggesting that these may not be suitable for younger viewers.


    Impact of Violence and Nudity on Children

    Research indicates that exposure to violent and sexual content in media can have a significant impact on children. Prolonged exposure to such content can desensitize children to violence and sex, potentially affecting their understanding of these issues and their emotional well-being.

    According to Dr. Justin Coulson, exposure to violent and sexual content in media can lead to reduced empathy, increased objectification, and erosion of morality in children. Therefore, parents must be cautious when allowing children to watch series like Ozark.


    Banner from season three of the Ozark series depicting its violence


    Our Experience and Opinion

    We found Ozark to be a brilliantly crafted series with complex characters and a compelling storyline. However, its mature themes and explicit content raised concerns regarding its suitability for children.

    In our opinion, Ozark is not suitable for children under the age of 17 due to its explicit content and mature themes. While older teenagers may be able to handle the series’ content with appropriate parental guidance, younger children may find the content disturbing and confusing.

    We believe that parental involvement is crucial when children are consuming such content. You should be prepared to discuss the series’ themes with your child, explaining the consequences of the characters’ actions and addressing any concerns or questions your child may have.


    Age-Appropriate Alternatives to Ozark

    If you are looking for age-appropriate alternatives to Ozark for your child, we suggest series like “One Piece” and “Wednesday” for older children and “The Dragon Prince” for younger children. These series offer engaging storylines and character development without the explicit content found in Ozark.


    The Safes Parental Control App

    We recommend the Safes parental control app to aid you in monitoring and controlling your child’s media consumption. Safes allows you to keep track of your child’s online activities, set viewing restrictions, and ensure a safe and productive media experience for your child.

    Try Safes for free by downloading it from our website or major app distribution platforms like Google Play and App Store.


    Ozark Parents Guide: Conclusion

    While Ozark is a critically acclaimed series, its mature content is unsuitable for younger viewers. In this Ozark parents guide, we tried to provide you with the necessary information to decide whether the series is appropriate for your child.

    The series’ popularity among children, its high ratings and reviews, and its mature content advisories highlight the importance of parental guidance. By understanding the potential impact of violence and nudity in series like Ozark, you can make informed decisions about your child’s media consumption.

    Parental involvement is crucial when children are consuming content with mature themes. By discussing the series’ themes with your child and monitoring their media consumption, you can ensure a safe and enriching media experience for them.



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