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Rick and Morty Age Rating: A Parental Review

Rick and Morty Parents Guide: Is it Suitable for Your Child?



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    In the ever-evolving world of animation, one show that has captured both adult and youth attention alike is “Rick and Morty.” In this blog, we will discuss Rick and Morty age rating and provide a comprehensive parental guide to help you make a wise decision about whether to let your child watch this popular series.


    What Is Rick and Morty About?

    Rick and Morty follows the interdimensional adventures of a socially awkward teen named Morty and his alcoholic grandfather, Rick. The show has been aired since 2013, and until now, 7 seasons, including 69 episodes, have been released.

    The series is replete with bizarre sci-fi mishaps, dark humor, and larger-than-life characters. However, it also deals with intense violence, explicit language, and rampant sexuality, making it a potential minefield for parents trying to determine its appropriateness for their children.


    Rick and Morty Age Ratings and Reviews


    Rick and Morty Age Ratings and Reviews

    This show has received high ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, with reviewers praising its humor, messages, and unconventional role models. Approved critics of Rotten Tomatoes have given Rick and Morty a 90% Fresh rating. IMDb users have given it an average 9.1/10 rating, making it the 16th most popular TV show on this website.

    However, most critics have analyzed Rick and Morty from an adult’s point of view. For example, this is what Rob Hunter from Film School Rejects wrote ‘in praise of’ Rick and Morty: “There’s a hint of Futurama here, but it’s a darker and far more foul world much to our enjoyment. Don’t believe me? Just wait until you see the episode where the human-sized jelly bean tries to rape Morty in a bathroom stall.”

    Rick and Morty is replete with this kind of dark humor, arguably unsuitable for children. That’s one of the reasons why this series has also been criticized by some critics. The series has also been disapproved for its excessive violent and sexual content, which includes depictions of drinking, drugs, and smoking. The consensus is that Rick and Morty is not suitable for young children, with Common Sense Media recommending it for viewers aged 16 and above.


    Our Perspective: Is Rick and Morty Age-Appropriate for Kids?


    Our Perspective: Is Rick and Morty Age-Appropriate for Kids?

    Our team has watched Rick and Morty, and while we appreciate the intricate storylines and humor for mature audiences, we believe it raises concerns for the youth. The show comes as a wrong role model for children because of its violence, sexual references, and displaying drug and alcohol consumption. But what is more dangerous than these is that Rick and Morty is drenched in dark humor and pessimism. Let us explain.

    The show revolves around Rick Sanchez, Morty’s grandfather, known for his eccentricity and complexity. Although Rick is a genius scientist, he is emotionally distant and has a nihilistic and cynical viewpoint. His character is defined by his crude humor, heavy drinking, and disregard for conventional morality, which often lands him and those around him in dangerous situations.

    You might presume that this character should not be likable or relatable to children and teens. But on the contrary, both Rick Sanchez and the series in general are incredibly popular among youth. They often post memes and quotes from Rick on social media. This should be alarming because it may suggest that most children are inherently attracted to nihilism and cynicism.

    As a matter of fact, Lucie Affronti from Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 argues in her research paper that pessimism is the new zeitgeist among minors. Pessimist children tend to dwell on the negativities, believing that life is absurd and vicious. They are prone to give up easily because they think anything they do won’t make a difference or they won’t succeed. They are also prone to feeling inadequate and depressed. Dr. Michele Borba, educational psychologist, also believes pessimism is a trend in children and claims that “A child today is ten times more likely to be seriously depressed compared to a child born in the first third of this century.”

    Everything said, the show’s appropriateness heavily depends on a child’s maturity level. But is Rick and Morty appropriate for 12-year-olds or so, for example? Definitely not. Because of Rick and Morty’s dark humor, pessimistic point of view, and adult themes, we don’t recommend Rick and Morty for kids.


    Protecting Children from the Dark Side of Media

    Despite all the benefits that the digital world can offer children, it’s infested with inappropriate content for children. When online, your child is exposed to various posts and videos that have dark and pessimistic content, just like Rick and Morty. To assist you in managing your child’s viewing, we introduce the Safes parental control app. Safes allows you to monitor and control the type of materials your child can watch online, offering an additional layer of protection. All of this is achievable remotely, using your own phone or computer. That means you can protect your child without looking intrusive.

    Find out more about putting parental controls on your child’s devices using the following resources:

    If you are interested in trying Safes, feel free to download it from our website or common app distribution platforms like Google Play and App Store.


    Rick and Morty Parents Guide: Conclusion

    While Rick and Morty may entertain adults with its unique adventures, you must consider its mature content before deciding if it’s suitable for your child. Parental discretion is advised, and tools like the Safes app can provide an additional layer of control over what children can access. Understanding the themes and content of the series can nurture critical conversations between you and your child, contributing to a healthier viewing experience.



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