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The Queen's Gambit Parents’ Guide: Is It Appropriate for Your Child to Watch?



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    The Queen’s Gambit is a riveting Netflix miniseries that has captured the attention of viewers worldwide. Its gripping storyline, combined with the mesmerizing performance by Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon, has fascinated audiences and ignited a renewed interest in the game of chess. However, parents and guardians must understand the series’ content before deciding if it’s appropriate for their young ones. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive The Queen’s Gambit parents’ guide, discussing its age rating, content, and appropriateness for different age groups.


    A Glimpse into The Queen’s Gambit

    The Queen’s Gambit is a captivating story revolving around the life of Beth Harmon, a young orphan who discovers her extraordinary talent for playing chess. Set against the backdrop of the mid-1950s to 1960s, the series follows the chess prodigy’s life trajectory as she navigates her way through the male-dominated world of competitive chess while battling personal demons and substance abuse. The series is based on the 1980s novel of the same name by Walter Tevis and has been lauded for its accurate portrayal of playing the game and the era.


    Positive Messages and Themes

    Despite the series’ dark undertones, it underscores several positive messages and themes. It portrays a strong and ambitious female protagonist who breaks through gender barriers and rises to the top of a traditionally male-dominated field. The series promotes the idea of perseverance, personal growth, and the pursuit of one’s passion. It also highlights the importance of friendship and mentorship, as Beth’s interactions with various characters are crucial for her development as a chess player.


    The Queen’s Gambit’s poster


    Content Review: What Parents Need to Know

    Despite its engaging storyline and positive messages, The Queen’s Gambit has some elements that may not be suitable for younger viewers. Let’s delve into the specifics:


    Drugs and Alcohol

    A significant theme throughout the series is the depiction of substance use and abuse. Young Beth is exposed to tranquilizers at the orphanage, which eventually leads to dependency issues. As she grows older, this problem escalates to alcohol abuse. Although the series does portray the detrimental effects of addiction, the absence of withdrawal symptoms and the ease of overcoming alcohol and drug addiction may give an inaccurate picture to impressionable minds.


    Sex and Nudity

    The series contains a few sex scenes, most of which are implied rather than explicit. If you’re wondering if The Queen’s Gambit has nude scenes, there is little to no nudity, with characters occasionally seen in their underwear. However, the sexual content is still mature and may not be suitable for younger audiences.


    Strong Language

    The series occasionally uses strong language, including the F-word, which may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Overall, in The Queen’s Gambit, the characters do not frequently use strong language. The series is relatively mild in terms of profanity, especially compared to many other contemporary TV shows.


    Expert Opinions and The Queen’s Gambit’s Age Ratings

    Major platforms like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have highly recommended the series for its engaging storyline and excellent performances. The Queen’s Gambit has an average rating of 8.5/10 on IMDb, while on Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a remarkable 96% fresh.

    Given the mature content, The Queen’s Gambit has been rated TV-MA, indicating that it is intended for mature audiences and may not be suitable for children under 17. If you wish to know why The Queen’s Gambit is rated MA, read IMDb’s parental guide.

    Common Sense Media, a trusted source for parents, recommends the series for viewers aged 15 and above due to its depiction of substance abuse, sexual content, and strong language.


    A still from The Queen’s Gambit series displaying Beth Harmon, the main character, in a slightly suggestive position


    Our Opinion and Suggested Age Rating

    As reviewers of the Safes website who have watched the series, we found The Queen’s Gambit to be a beautifully crafted series with a compelling narrative. However, given its mature themes and content, we advise caution for viewers under the age of 15.

    Is The Queen’s Gambit appropriate for 13-year-olds?  Or is The Queen’s Gambit appropriate for a 12-year-old provided with parental guidance? We don’t believe that the mature themes of The Queen’s Gambit would be relatable or even enjoyable for children younger than 15. However, suppose you believe your child is mature enough to navigate watching the series without being impressed by topics such as drug abuse or strong language. In that case, you may allow them to watch it. If you do, make sure to monitor your child and discuss issues that might be confusing to them, avoiding negative impressions and misunderstandings.

    Watching The Queen’s Gambit with your teenage child can be a good idea. Siqi Liang, from the faculty of psychology at Southwest University, discusses in his paper how to turn the adverse effects of screen media into positive ones. He emphasizes the importance of parental involvement and co-viewing as a way to activate the positive effects of screen media.


    Safes Parental Control App

    To ensure your child’s online safety, we recommend using the Safes parental control app. Safes allows you to monitor and manage the content your child is exposed to online, providing an added layer of security.

    Safes is available on all phones, tablets, and computers, including Android phones, iPhones, and Windows. Sign up today for your free trial.


    Conclusion: Is The Queen’s Gambit Suitable for Children?

    While The Queen’s Gambit is a fascinating series that offers positive messages about perseverance, ambition, and breaking gender stereotypes, its mature themes and content make it more suitable for older teens and adults.

    As a parent, your discretion is advised when deciding if this series is appropriate for your child. Always remember that understanding and discussing the content your child consumes is crucial in helping them navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.



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