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    As technology advances, children become more exposed to digital platforms. In the realm of gaming, there’s been a noteworthy surge, particularly with key players like Epic Games rolling out a large quantity of fan-favorite titles. However, children using these platforms often stirs worries around the safety of our younger players, the sanctity of privacy, and the potential exposure to content that’s less than suitable. But Epic Games parental controls and third-party parental control apps can mitigate these risks by offering a safety net for parents.


    Understanding Epic Games

    Epic Games, acclaimed in the gaming world, is the creative genius behind fan-favorites like Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys. But they’re not just a gaming powerhouse — they’ve also got the Epic Games Store, a digital marketplace brimming with a multitude of purchasable and downloadable games. In the gaming universe, the name Epic Games echoes in every corner, thanks to its expansive and immersive gaming ecosystem.

    However, with the popularity of these games, the need for parental guidance becomes essential. This is where the Epic Games parental control PIN and other in-built control features prove handy.


    The Need for Parental Controls on Gaming Platforms

    Parental controls are essential tools that help you manage and monitor your child’s online gaming activities. They offer you the ability to restrict access to games based on their content ratings, control in-game purchases, limit online interactions, and even track playtime. Parental controls provide a safe environment for children to enjoy their favorite games while offering parents peace of mind.

    Using parental controls, you can help your child avoid unnecessary interactions with strangers, reducing the possibility of falling victim to online harassment, such as cyberbullying, sextortion, and scams. They also protect your loved one from inappropriate pictures, videos, messages, and ads. Not to mention that parental controls are necessary to safeguard your child’s mental and physical health by limiting their screen time.


    Key Features of Epic Games Parental Controls

    Epic Games provides a comprehensive suite of parental controls to provide a safer gaming environment for children. These controls can be customized to suit different age groups and needs, ensuring you can control your child’s gaming experience.


    Activating Epic Games Parental Controls

    You must set up a six-digit Parental Controls PIN to activate Epic Games parental controls. This PIN will be required to modify parental controls in the future. You can set up parental controls in two ways:



    Screenshot from Epic Games Parental Controls


    Friend Requests and Social Interaction Settings

    Epic Games allows you to control your child’s social interactions within their games. You can manage your child’s ability to send or accept Epic friend requests, engage in voice chat, and text chat with fellow players. Customizing these settings can help limit exposure to potential online threats.


    Tailoring Parental Controls to Different Age Groups

    Epic Games parental controls can be tailored to suit different age groups. You can restrict access to games based on their rating, ensuring that your child only plays games that are appropriate for their age. You can also control in-game purchases to prevent unauthorized transactions.


    Troubleshooting and Challenges

    Forgetting the parental control PIN is a common issue that parents face. However, Epic Games provides a straightforward PIN recovery process. You can reset your PIN by clicking on the link sent to the email associated with the account.


    Screenshot of how to reset the forgotten PIN on Epic Games


    Strategies for Effective Parental Supervision

    While parental controls offer a robust safety net, they are most effective when combined with active parental supervision and open communication. We encourage you to talk to your child about the games they play and the people they interact with online. Regularly reviewing your child’s gaming activities can help identify potential issues early on.


    Balancing Gaming and Real Life: Encouraging Healthy Habits

    One of the areas that you need to closely monitor is your child’s daily screen time. While gaming can be a fun and engaging activity, children need to strike a balance between their digital and real-life activities. So, you should encourage regular breaks from gaming, promote physical activities, and ensure that gaming does not interfere with your child’s academic and social life.

    A digital tool that can help you monitor your child’s gaming habits are parental control apps. In the following, we’ll explain more.


    The Role of Parental Control Apps

    Apart from the in-built controls offered by gaming platforms, parental control apps like Safes provide an additional layer of protection. Safes can help limit screen time, block access to inappropriate games, and monitor online activities. It can be a handy tool for creating a safe and healthy digital environment for your child.


    You can install Safes on all iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices. So, based on the platform you and your child use, download Safes from App Store or Google Play. Find more information on how to put parental controls on each of these platforms using Safes via these links:

    Learn how Safes can help you set up effective parental controls with our easy-to-use interface and start with a free trial today.

    Epic Games Parental Controls: Final Words

    We must ensure our children can navigate the online world safely. By leveraging tools like Epic Games parental controls and third-party parental control apps, you can provide your child a safer and more controlled gaming environment.

    However, parental controls are only part of the solution. Open communication, active supervision, and promoting healthy gaming habits are equally important in fostering your child’s positive and safe gaming experience.



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    Download Safes Kids for Chrombook

    1. Install the Safes Kids app on your Chromebook from Google Play. 
    2. Pair Safes Kids with parent app. Follow the instructions in the app to pair your child’s device with your parent device.  
    3. Add the Safe Kids Chrome extension. Open Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store. 
    4. Navigate to the Manage extensions page. Click the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome and select “Extensions”>”Manage Extensions”>”Details”
    5. Turn on “Allow in incognito mode” This will allow the Safe Kids extension to work in incognito mode, which is important if your child uses incognito mode to try to bypass the parental controls.
    6. Select Safes extension and follow on-screen instruction

    Download Safes Kids for Android

    Download the Android Kid’s app directly to get the full features!

    Download Safes Kids App on Play Store

    Download Safes Kids App on

    Safe Kids is available on the Google Play Store, but if you download it directly from our website, you will get access to Call and SMS monitoring feature, You can monitor the phone calls of your child’s device, as well as the contacts and messages they have sent and received, including those containing inappropriate content.