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As summer comes to a close, it’s like the smell of school is in the air. Students and their parents have to get ready for the new school year. It’s a time that can be exhilarating, exciting, and frankly, sometimes annoying. But it all culminates on the first day of school, when prepared students are excited for what’s to come and unprepared ones feel as if they’re in a haze, just woken up from their summer slumber. The first day of school can be stressful even if it’s not the first school year.

For your child to be one of the prepared students and make the most of their time in school, a time they will never get back, there are some preparations due. Specifically, there are some supplies that are essential to every student no matter where they study. You can use this list as a shopping list, or you can just read it and check some mental boxes to make sure your child has everything ready. If there are supplies in this list that you don’t feel are necessary, change them with what you think is necessary. The main thing to remember is that the student in your household feels prepared for the year ahead.


  1. Notebooks

Maybe the most obvious object that pops into your mind when you think of school supplies; notebooks are amazing. They’re blank pages that lend themselves to everything, from jotting down notes to doodling for concentration. The notebook is a universal tool that every student needs though its size, how many lines it has (if it does), and its cover are up to you and your child.


  1. Pens and Pencils

To use a notebook, one needs a pen or pencil. Of course, crayons, markers, and other objects can work too but pens and pencils are really great for everything. Based on your child’s age, they might not be in need of a pen just yet. But including pens and pencils in your child’s backpack just makes too much sense to make a case for it any further.


  1. Backpack

The backpack—maybe the only object in this list that is also considered a fashion statement as well as a functional necessity. A student’s backpack should feel comfortable and be durable throughout the school year. It should be large enough to carry all the supplies in this list and more, yet it should feel comfortable for the student wearing it, so it’s best to shop for a backpack with your child. In fact, it’s best to include your child in shopping for all of the supplies on this list.


  1. Lunchbox

Unless your child’s school offers lunch every day, a lunchbox is a necessity. But unlike what the name suggests, a lunchbox isn’t just for lunch. It can include snacks that your child can consume throughout the day.


  1. Calculator

This might be a tricky one because it depends on what your child’s school is like. In today’s world, it’s common sense to have a calculator at hand, usually as an app in your phone. But some teachers might be against using a calculator in the classroom for various reasons. Your child could always use their phone as a calculator stand-in during class, but even if their teacher doesn’t have a problem with this, we advise against it. Phones can be quite distracting for students. Of course, if you use a parental control app to limit distracting apps during school hours, phones can work as calculators as well.


  1. Highlighters

Students usually have to read their textbooks and notes more than once. For many, highlighting is a technique to help one focus effectively. But highlighting can also help one prioritize information or even categorize it.


  1. Ruler and Geometry Set

A ruler and geometry set are essential for mathematical courses and other technical subjects. Even if these tools aren’t required for the course, they can make the lives of students a whole lot easier and save them a lot of frustration.


Ruler and notebook and pencils and apple for first day of school


  1. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes aren’t quite notebooks because of their versatility. You can stick them anywhere, in a textbook, in the middle of a notebook, even on top of another sticky note! They’re usually used for reminding oneself of something or quite literally making a quick note on a page that has no space or can’t be written on.


  1. Laptop or Tablet

Using laptops in schools or other similar digital devices can greatly enhance learning. But it isn’t necessarily what every school does. Many online courses and resources are only accessible through laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Also, assignments such as making PowerPoint presentations or researching a subject need access to these tools even if they’re not to be brought to school.


  1. Planner or Calendar

Teaching children time management can be a difficult but rewarding task. This is a skill that many adults also face problems with. Planners and calendars, whether they’re online or offline, can help trach tasks and assignments as well as any extracurricular activities.


Good Luck with the Upcoming School Year

As you gear up for another exciting year of learning, these ten essential back-to-school supplies should be at the top of your checklist. Remember that the specific requirements might vary based on your child’s grade level and courses, so it’s a good idea to reach out to their school or teachers for any additional recommendations.



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