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Digital Parenting in Single-Parent Families

Digital Parenting in Single-Parent Families



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    Digital technologies are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world today. Children are avid Internet users and spend more time online than other age groups. There is a growing concern among parents, especially single-parent families related to overusing technology by their children.

    Since single-parent families have to tolerate all responsibilities alone, they encounter more challenges in managing their children’s digital interactions. In this blog, we are going to introduce methods for single-parent families to foster healthy screen time habits in their children, maintain their online safety, and strengthen bonds in the family.


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    Digital Landscape for Single-Parent Families

    Technology is growing at a rapid pace and some parents would rather keep their children away from it, although we cannot disregard its benefits. Single parents should gain enough information about digital spaces and be aware of its potential risks.

    Children’s screen time rise can result in negative family dynamics such as conflict and neglect. And this can lead to psychological distress and negative outcomes. So, to prevent the risks of excessive device use by children, single parents can use some tips such as setting boundaries for children’s technology use, controlling their screen time, and raising their own information about different platforms and applications.

    Challenges Faced by Single Parents in the Digital Age

    Single parents may encounter a set of challenges with their children in the digital age since they must manage all the responsibilities solely. It means that all the emotional, educational, and financial burdens are directly on them. Here are some of the challenges single parents may face:

    • Time constraints: Sometimes they may encounter time constraints while paying attention to their children’s online activities because of heavy workloads in and out of the home.
    • Managing work and family responsibilities: Maybe they cannot achieve a work-family balance due to overwhelming tasks.
    • Lack of Co-Parent Support: It can get more difficult for single parent families to make decisions about screen time, content, and online safety without support from a partner.


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    Overcoming the Challenges

    Learning how to overcome challenges associated with technology in children helps one-parent families to manage this issue better. Here are some strategies to use.

    The Digital Balance: Encouraging Responsibility & Connection

    Encourage your children to learn about online responsibility. They should be careful in the digital world, just like they are in the real one. Make them aware of cyberbullying and online risks. You can do so by maintaining open communication with children and fostering critical thinking in them.

    Digital Bonding: Strengthening Relationships Through Technology

    Technology can be one of the best tools for strengthening relationships among people so single parents can use it to engage with children online. They can use digital interactions as an opportunity for bonding and learning. You can leverage technology to strengthen relationships in children by implementing these methods:


    Activities to Foster Offline Family Time

    Single parent households can present a variety of screen-free activities to reduce children’s reliance on screens. It promotes quality family time and enhances communication among family members. Reading books, bicycling, and playing board games are some of the best offline activities.

    Sharing Experiences With Other Single Parent Families

    Single parent families can share their experiences together to identify different methods for monitoring children on the Internet. Showcasing the experiences and the results related to monitoring children helps to learn how to manage online activities in children.


    Role of Parental Control Apps

    We mentioned several methods for single parent households to show them how to monitor children’s online activities. But implementing some of them is not possible or it may take single parents a long time to get results.


    We recommend you use a parental control app. It is the best solution to control children’s online activities. especially useful for single parent families in managing their children’s digital activities and ensuring their safety online. These apps offer resources for managing screen time, blocking access to inappropriate content, and maintaining a healthy balance between offline and online activities.

    You can use the default parental controls on your child’s device such as Android parental controls or iPhone parental controls. Setting boundaries and limitations on the usage of devices and social media applications can be done by using Safes. Safes is a parental control app available on iOS and Android, that allows you to:

    • Limit screen time
    • Instantly block all apps
    • Set schedules for individual apps



    Overall, digital parenting in one-parent families may bear some challenges. We mentioned some methods such as encouraging responsibility and connection in children, providing offline activities, strengthening relationships through technology, sharing experiences with other one-parent families, and installing parental control apps.



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    4. Navigate to the Manage extensions page. Click the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome and select “Extensions”>”Manage Extensions”>”Details”
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    Download Safes Kids App on Play Store

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