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Rana Mazahernasab

Rana Mazahernasab

Everything Parents Need to Know About Smellmaxxing

Rana Mazahernasab

Rana Mazahernasab

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    In recent years, a new trend has found its way into our children’s lives: Smellmaxxing. It’s all about using perfumes, colognes, and other scented products to enhance one’s personal scent. You might have noticed your child spending more time picking out fragrances or discussing the latest scents with friends. But why are our children so interested in this idea? In this blog, we will explore Smellmaxxing meaning, why it has become popular, and what it means for our kids’ social lives and well-being.


    What Does Smellmaxxing Mean?

    Smellmaxxing is a term for lifestyle optimization that focuses on improving one’s smell, somehow similar to “Men maxing” which focuses on self-improvement for men. It involves maximizing personal scent through various means. This is typically for increasing attractiveness or social appeal. This can include using high-quality perfumes or colognes, maintaining excellent personal hygiene, and using scented personal care products. Some may even use specific dietary habits believed to improve body odor.

    The concept is based on the idea that scent plays a significant role in human interactions and perceptions. The goal is often to create a memorable signature scent. You may have seen influencers talking about Smellmaxxing on social media, especially TikTok. This is how it started to go viral and caused obsession in our children.


    a teen girl being obsessed with the perfume she’s holding in her hand


    Psychological Factors: Why Scent Matters to Teens?

    Based on an article about the influence of fragrances on human psychophysiological activity, fragrances can affect our psychological and physical states and influence brain activity, as shown by studies using electroencephalography (EEG). Moreover, for teenagers, scent plays a crucial role in their social lives and self-esteem. At this stage of life, teens are exploring their identities and seeking ways to express themselves. A pleasant personal scent can increase their confidence, making them feel more attractive and accepted by their peers.


    Additionally, the sense of smell is closely linked to emotions and memories, influencing a teen’s mood and interactions. As teens become more aware of their appearance and how others perceive them, they may show more interest in Smellmaxxing to help them make a lasting impression.

    Does Smellmaxxing Positive Impact on Personal Hygiene?

    Smellmaxxing can indeed have a positive impact on personal hygiene. The more they deal with Smellmaxxing, the more they become conscious of their overall cleanliness and grooming habits. Here are a few ways it can improve personal hygiene:


    • Smellmaxxing makes teenagers pay more attention to regular bathing, washing their clothes, and maintaining a clean environment to ensure they smell pleasant.
    • Getting grooming habits, such as regular use of deodorants, shampoos, and skin care products, are other positive effects of Smellmaxxing, which enhance overall hygiene.
    • Some teens might even make healthier lifestyle choices, such as eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated, to improve their natural body scent.
    • Feeling fresh and clean can boost a teen’s self-esteem and confidence, encouraging them to maintain these positive hygiene practices consistently.


    While Smellmaxxing can influence children positively, they should not get obsessed with it. This can turn its positivity into negative effects. Therefore, you, as a parent should keep an eye on your child’s behavior and teach them healthy teen hygiene habits.


    a young girl brushing her teeth


    Practical Tips for Parents to Encourage Healthy Hygiene Habits

    As you, parents, learn how to deal with puberty in a boy and girl, it also pays off to learn about their hygiene and health. Here are some practical tips for parents to help them develop healthy hygiene habits in their children.


    • Show your children the importance of good hygiene by maintaining your own routines. Children are more likely to follow habits they see practiced regularly at home.
    • Ensure your teen understands the basics of hygiene, including regular bathing, brushing teeth twice a day, and using deodorant.
    • Turn hygiene into a fun activity. Let your teen choose their own personal care products, such as scented shampoos or body washes, to make the process more enjoyable. At the same time, be aware of a phenomenon called “Sephora Kids” and prevent your child from being influenced by the wide beauty product advertisements in social media.
    • Talk to them about the benefits of good hygiene, such as feeling more confident, preventing illness, and making a good impression on others.
    • If your teen has specific hygiene issues, like acne or body odor, help them find appropriate solutions. Consulting a healthcare professional might be necessary for persistent problems.


    While practicing these tips in your child’s life, make sure you respect your teen’s privacy and independence in managing their hygiene. This fosters responsibility and self-sufficiency. Keep up with trends that interest your teen, like Smellmaxxing, and support their positive habits related to these interests. Engaging with their hobbies can make them more receptive to advice.


    Final Word

    Smellmaxxing is more than just a trend among teens; it reflects their desire for self-expression, confidence, and social acceptance. Now that you know the psychological factors behind this trend, you can support your children’s development in positive ways. As we’ve discussed, fostering good hygiene practices can have long-lasting benefits for your teen’s physical and mental well-being.


    It’s not only your children’s hygiene habits that matter; their online safety matters too. For that, you can use Safes, our parental control app. Safes allows you to set healthy boundaries and ensure your child is making positive choices online and offline. With features designed to promote a balanced lifestyle, you can stay informed and involved in your child’s well-being without being intrusive. If you have used parental controls on Android or other devices, you will have a great experience using Safes, as it gives you unlimited access to every feature you need.


    Download Safes today on Android and iOS and take advantage of our free trial. Start promoting healthy habits and ensuring your child’s safety with the support of Safes.

    Rana Mazahernasab

    Rana Mazahernasab

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