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Navigating the World of Fanfiction: A Parent’s Guide

Faraz Daneshgari

Faraz Daneshgari

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    The world of fanfiction is where stories and characters from different origins and backgrounds are reimagined into new narratives. This popular creative endeavor has resulted in some of the best-selling books and movies of recent years and has created a fandom dedicated to writing and sharing it. As with any other creative venture, fanfiction reading and writing can be fun and educational for children. Here, we’re going to highlight some fanfiction examples and guide parents in exploring this corner of the online world.


    What Is Fanfiction?

    Coming from blending the two words “fan” and “fiction,” fanfiction involves a genre where fanfiction writers produce new material based on elements and characters originating in the works of others or even based on real-life celebrities. The transformative works coming out of this artistic endeavor have captured the minds of many enthusiasts around the world.

    We have different types of fanfiction: examples of fanfiction include “crossover fic,” where characters from different universes (imagine Superman and Captain America) interact with each other, or genre-specific narratives such as romances and adventures. The important thing is these works expand upon the borders of the original works, going beyond what they can offer.

    There are cases when fanfiction tales have gained way more fame and recognition than their original materials. The books and movies of Fifty Shades of Grey are clear proof of this. Additionally, the side characters have a fresh new existence in the fanfiction. For instance, a character such as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series has been reimagined by many fanfic writers depicting him in a new light. These new takes on old stories and characters have greatly influenced the way we view popular culture today.


    The Creative Benefits of Fanfiction for Children

    Fanfiction can be described as a playground of imagination, a place where children can explore and expand their creative boundaries. By writing fanfiction, they dive into the depths of their favorite stories, pushing the limits of their imagination. This form of creative writing doesn’t just replicate existing narratives; it’s actually an exercise in crafting original stories. Children learn to take familiar characters and settings and spin them into entirely new tales.


    Building Writing Skills

    Besides being a hobby, writing fanfiction is a powerful tool for improving writing skills and self-expression. As young writers weave their narratives, they develop essential literacy skills. They learn to read deeply, understanding the nuances of characters and plot, which aids in generating fresh, imaginative ideas. Crafting fanfiction requires mastering critical thinking and literacy skills, including close reading, inventing new narrative developments, and even mirroring specific sentence structures of the original source.


    Exploring Stories

    Reading fanfiction also helps young writers to understand patterns and tropes, such as “Hurt/Comfort” scenarios where one of the main characters takes care of another who’s hurt, and to learn to break them when necessary, for example, when it’s the male character, instead of the female characters, who’s waiting to fall in love. This engagement with text also boosts vocabulary and helps children develop better self-regulation skills, fostering confidence and expressiveness in their writing.


    Success Stories

    The world of fanfiction has given rise to success stories that show the potential of this creative medium. Anna Todd’s journey with her fanfiction, which started as a Harry Styles-focused story on Wattpad, is a testament to this. Her work, “After,” evolved from fanfiction into a bestselling series and even a film Similarly, for “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James, the story started as a Twilight fanfiction titled “Master of the Universe” on What started as a story within the fanfiction realm garnered immense interest, leading to its transformation into a global literary and cinematic phenomenon.


    A teenage girl writing fanfiction in her notebook.


    Parental Involvement in Children’s Fanfiction Activities

    Engaging in activities like reading fanfiction together can be an enriching experience. It opens doors to discussing favorite characters and story arcs, fostering a shared interest and understanding. When parents show interest in their children’s fanfiction activities, it sends a powerful message of support and validation for their creative efforts.


    Navigating Content in Fanfiction

    The fanfiction world, while immensely creative, also has its complexities. Parents should be aware of the content their children are engaging with. The fanfiction world has a lot to offer regarding rich literary works about known fictional characters. A lot of it, however, revolves around the sexualization of characters, sometimes even minors. Parents should be aware of these adult-themed materials and guide their children towards works that are more suitable for their age.


    Promoting Safe Fanfiction Practices

    A practical approach is to guide them towards age-appropriate material. Encouraging children to read stories from trusted sources can help them navigate through the vast expanse of fanfiction safely. Moreover, if children are keen on writing fanfiction, guiding them to consider privacy settings like turning off comments on public fanfiction sites can protect them from potential negative feedback. Starting a personal blog for their fanfiction can be a safer alternative.


    Constructive Engagement

    Parents should focus on positive discipline examples, where encouragement and constructive criticism go hand in hand. This approach helps children develop resilience and confidence in their writing. When providing feedback, it’s important to acknowledge their effort and creativity, while gently guiding them on aspects like plot development, character consistency, or writing style. Such positive reinforcement can significantly boost their confidence and encourage them to refine their skills further.


    Guiding Children Towards Responsible Fanfiction Writing

    When guiding children in fanfiction writing, it’s important to emphasize creating stories that are age-appropriate and respectful. This means encouraging them to explore original work and transformative works that are suitable for their age group. Parents can support this by discussing their children’s favorite books, TV shows, or comics, and posing “what if” scenarios. These discussions can help young writers develop stories with a deeper understanding of character dynamics and plot development, all while ensuring the content remains appropriate.

    Another key aspect of responsible fanfiction writing is a thorough understanding of the source material. Parents can help their children by encouraging them to delve deep into the original stories, understanding the characters, settings, and themes. This deep understanding allows for more nuanced and respectful fanfiction writing.

    Though fanfiction is a fantastic creative endeavor for children, safety should always come first. This is especially true since fanfiction stories are usually shared to be read online. A parent’s responsibility is to allow their children to write appropriate fanfiction while granting them access only to age-appropriate communities online. This gives children the best of both worlds; they can express themselves through fanfiction while remaining safe and ideally, anonymous online. We also recommend that parents have open discussions about the nature of fanfiction and why it can be dangerous at a young age.


    A happy family of three discussing some of the inappropriate things that their son may see in the fanfic community.


    The Educational Benefits of Fanfiction in Child Development

    A recent study sheds new light on fanfiction’s role in children’s development, highlighting its significant benefits. According to the research, fanfiction serves as a form of imaginative play, crucial in developing literacy and creativity. It provides a safe space for exploring complex narrative structures, character development, and genre conventions. This creative exercise extends beyond mere entertainment, encouraging critical thinking and a deeper understanding of stories, thereby enhancing young readers’ and writers’ analytical skills.

    The study also emphasizes the role of parents in nurturing this creative endeavor. By encouraging their children to engage with fanfiction, helping them find suitable online communities, and discussing their work, parents can significantly bolster their children’s critical thinking and literacy skills. Fanfiction, as the study suggests, is not just a recreational activity but a valuable educational tool, offering a unique approach to learning and understanding literature and storytelling.


    Safes: A Safe Creative Journey

    While writing fanfiction is a productive effort in itself, getting involved in this part of the internet may have some challenges for children and their parents. Parents want to keep their children safe from inappropriate content and online harassment. That’s why parental control tools, such as parental controls on Android, come in handy. Our solution is, however, Safes, a parental control app available on iOS and Android. With its monitoring capabilities, parents can limit their children’s access to age-appropriate content and prevent cyberbullying.


    The Importance of Balance and Diverse Interests

    Writing fan fiction can help kids develop their imagination and creativity. There are so many different types of fan fiction such as crime, romance, paranormal, and contemporary drama. This diversity is particularly beneficial for students who wish to pursue careers in writing. Through cross-genre writing, kids can enhance their comprehension of narration and hone their writing abilities, leading to a well-rounded imagination.

    While we find writing fanfiction to be a creative outlet, parents should remind their children to allocate time for other tasks and hobbies. In this digital era where there is an abundance of fan fiction and online gaming, it’s super easy for kids to give in to digital distractions. But they need to have a balanced experience, not just filled with technology. Such activities provide us with an awesome opportunity to take a break from screens and enhance our development.


    Final Chapter

    Fanfiction offers a unique and enriching experience for children, fostering their creativity, writing skills, and empathy. As parents, your role in guiding and supporting this journey is invaluable. From discussing storylines to ensuring safe and age-appropriate content, your involvement can make a significant difference. Embrace this opportunity to engage with your child’s creative world, helping them grow and learn through the art of storytelling.

    Faraz Daneshgari

    Faraz Daneshgari

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    Faraz Daneshgari

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