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How Technology Positively Influences Child Development



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    As a parent, you probably are familiar with the fears and worries that come with raising children in a world full of ever-changing technology. But the truth is, technology can be an incredibly powerful tool that can have a profoundly positive impact on your children’s development. From enhancing education to providing endless entertainment options, here are some of the positive effects of technology on child development. 


    Positive Impact of Technology on Youth

    According to Anya Kamenetz, a parenting expert, the rules about children’s access to technology were changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously parents would be more cautious about their child’s technology use, but now they are aware of the positive effects and children get more freedom. Technology offers benefits like giving children easy access to information and encouraging their creativity. Technology hardware and software assist children in developing social skills as well as introducing them to various arts and sciences. Another source that mentions the benefits of technology on child development is the Western Governors University. One of the benefits they mention of technology on children’s development is its ability to provide an outlet for entertainment. From video games to streaming services, kids are never bored with technology. It enables children to explore their creative side and develop their imaginations.  

    Because of all the benefits, we’ve divided them into three main categories: educational, social, and cognitive benefits. The benefits have been sorted accordingly.  


    Educational Benefits 

    One of the greatest impacts of technology on child development is its ability to enhance education. Technology has transformed the way we learn and has made information more accessible than ever before. With the help of technology, teachers can engage students in more interactive and engaging ways, making learning more fun and exciting. Technology also encourages students to become self-directed learners and provides them with the opportunity to explore information on their own. 

    In addition, technology can have a crucial impact on early childhood education. From online learning platforms to interactive educational apps, technology can help children learn through engaging and rewarding activities. Technology can also help children stay on task and develop better organizational skills, which are essential for success in school. 

    Some other benefits of technology in early childhood education can be: 

    • Technology encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills 
    • Technology encourages creativity and collaboration 
    • Technology provides access to a wide range of educational resources 
    • There are many things that children can be exposed to that can help develop their minds and teach them new things, from TV programming to apps on a smartphone or tablet. 
    • Technology enables teachers to reach out to different types of students, reinforce and expand on concepts, and motivate students in novel ways. As more teachers embrace technology, new types of learning can occur in classrooms, and more students can be reached in a personalized way. 
    • Early exposure to technology teaches children the digital literacy skills they will need for future success in school and as adults. 

    Social Benefits 

    Technology can also provide a positive impact on youth by helping them stay connected with their friends and family. From text messages to social media, kids can easily stay in contact with their peers, which can help them build relationships and encourage socialization. Other social benefits are: 

    • Technology can help with developing communication and social skills 
    • Technology allows increased access to social activities and interactions 
    • Technology encourages global awareness and understanding 
    • Children can use technology to connect with their family, friends, and others in ways that enrich their relationships, particularly when using video chat and other real-time interactions. 
    • Children learn the value of community building and how to interact with others in social situations. When circumstances make it impossible for children to form physical bonds with family members, friends, and others, they can use technology to form “virtual bonds.” 


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    Cognitive Benefits 

    Finally, technology can be a great tool to help kids explore the world around them. From virtual field trips to online museums, technology can help children learn about different cultures and explore their interests. Technology can also provide a safe space for children to explore their imagination, which can be a great way to spark creativity. Technology has plenty of other cognitive benefits: 

    • It encourages information processing and memory 
    • It encourages language and literacy development 
    • It encourages scientific thinking and reasoning  
    • According to research, using technology helps young children learn to multitask more effectively. It can help students to learn how to listen and type to take notes, as well as other multitasking activities that will help them succeed in the future. 
    • When technology such as video games is used to train young students and children, spatial development can be greatly improved. Using video games to practice visual-spatial skills can be a great way to improve abilities. Map reading, puzzles, and other activities all require visual-spatial skills. 
    • Technology frequently presents problems to children and teaches them how to solve them and make decisions. Games and apps on smart devices can provide children with the practice they need to achieve success in the future. 
    • It enables children to become self-sufficient learners more quickly. They can explore topics that interest them on their own after learning how to safely access digital information sources. 
    • Many technology products encourage young children’s hand-eye coordination, while others focus on language and problem-solving skills. 


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    Even though technology has tons of benefits for children and their development, it stays crucial to be aware of the negative effects of social media, the internet, and technology. If you want your kids to enjoy the positive effects of technology, and stay in control of the technology at home you can use a parental control app like Safes. Safes helps you monitor and control your child’s online behavior. By setting a screen time limit, or blocking inappropriate apps and websites you can be sure that your child enjoys the benefits of technology, and isn’t harmed by the disadvantages. You can download the free app for Android and iOS. There is also a desktop version for your Windows or MacOS device. Experience the benefits of Safes firsthand—sign up for a free trial of Safes premium today and start protecting your child’s digital world. 


    Overall, the positive effects of technology on child development are undeniable. From enhancing education to providing endless entertainment options, technology can be an incredibly powerful tool that can have a profound impact on your children’s development. So, as parents, it’s important to embrace technology and use it to help our children grow.



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