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How to Keep My Kids Away from Spotify Pornography?

Rana Mazahernasab

Rana Mazahernasab

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    Spotify, as one of the most popular digital music services, has become an integral part of our lives. It offers a vast library of songs and podcast channels, catering to various tastes and preferences. However, nowadays parents have been concerned about its explicit content and its effects on their children. Therefore, Spotify pornography is now an issue for which we’ll discuss a solution.

    With the prevalence of explicit content on the internet, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the content our young children are exposed to. Despite Spotify age limit striction, some explicit song lyrics, podcast topics, and covers have been reported by some parents. This makes it vital to take action to block them, keeping children away from such content.

    In this guide, we’ll explore effective ways to safeguard your children from encountering pornography while using Spotify. Setting up parental controls has proven to be the most practical method to solve the Spotify porn content issues, which will be discussed throughout the blog. So first, let’s elaborate on these questions you may have in mind: Is there porn on Spotify? And is Spotify safe for kids anyway?


    Does Spotify Have Porn and Explicit Content?

    Many parents wonder if Spotify, a common music streaming platform, contains pornography. The simple answer is no, Spotify does not intentionally host or promote mere pornography, as its main purpose is to provide users with music and podcasts. That said, Spotify declares it includes explicit content, as it insists on offering uncensored pieces, the way the artists want.

    Therefore, there is a possibility of encountering explicit content. This can happen through user-generated playlists, podcasts, or even song titles and album covers. For that reason, it’s important for parents to understand that while Spotify strives to filter out pornography material, it’s not always foolproof.


    a girl and a boy are seeing explicit content on Spotify shockingly and the boy is covering the girl’s eyes


    Is Spotify Appropriate for Kids?

    Considering the uncensored content and the possibility of porn on Spotify discussed earlier, Spotify may not be a safe platform for young kids. But it doesn’t stop here. Spotify has come up with solutions to protect young generations from exposure to explicit songs, images, and podcasts. It has specified an age limit for the content, making the platform appropriate for people over 13. For children at the age of 12 and younger, Spotify has designed a distinct platform called Spotify Kids. It contains human-curated and family-friendly podcasts and songs and shows no advertisements.

    Moreover, there are still other pieces of content not suitable for teens, such as NSFW audio on Spotify. Such content is marked as EXPLICIT or with the letter E label to inform the audience about the inappropriate things included.


    How to Block Explicit Content on Spotify?

    Children are always likely to encounter inappropriate images, videos, songs, and topics when exploring the internet.  Based on a study, Pornography and Its Impact on Adolescent/Teenage Sexuality, by Himani Adarsh and Swapnajeet Sahoo, sexual immaturity is one of the consequences of children’s watching porn. Knowing the severe effects of watching porn on teenagers and employing protective methods, you can safeguard your children. Fortunately, Spotify offers features that allow you to control the type of content your child can access. Here’s how you can block explicit content on Spotify.


    Explicit Content Settings

    Spotify provides a feature called “Allow Explicit Content” enabling you to block songs with inappropriate lyrics. To activate this feature, you’ll need to access your account settings and navigate to the “Allow Explicit Content” section. Here, you can toggle the explicit content filter off to prevent your child from listening to songs with E tags.


    Family Account

    With the Spotify family subscription plan, you can create separate accounts for each family member. With a family account, you can set up parental controls for individual accounts, ensuring that each member’s listening experience is tailored to their age and preferences.


    Monitoring Playlists and Followed Artists

    Encourage your child to share their Spotify playlists with you or follow the artists they enjoy listening to. This way, you can review the content they’re exposed to and address any concerns about explicit material. Spotify always welcomes reports of inappropriate songs not labeled as EXPLICIT.  Also, you can have open conversations with your child about the importance of responsible listening and how to recognize and avoid improper content.


    Parental Control Apps

    Using third-party parental control apps or software, you can monitor and restrict your child’s access to adult content, not only on Spotify but other apps and websites. These apps are designed to give parents peace of mind, knowing they can monitor and track their children’s online activities. So, they can make informed decisions about their internet usage.


    a girl is anxious because of seeing inappropriate content on the internet


    How Does Safes Help Your Kids to Stay Away from Adult Content?

    Looking for the best parental control app with comprehensive features? Safes is your best bet! This app contains valuable features for parents to safeguard their children’s online experiences, including content filtering options. So, parents are able to block access to websites or apps that contain adult content. By setting up these filters, parents can prevent their children from accidentally stumbling upon inappropriate material while browsing the internet or using specific applications.

    Moreover, Safes allows you to set certain limitations for apps that may have inappropriate material. This way you can inactivate explicit content settings on your child’s Spotify account, as well as setting usage time for it. With Safes, you can rest assured your child is surfing the net without the risk of exposure to harmful content.


    Final Word

    While Spotify may not intentionally host pornography, the internet is vast, and inappropriate content can still find its way into our children’s lives. However, as parents, we have the power to mitigate these risks by implementing parental control features to monitor and regulate our children’s online activities. What’s more important is to discuss the effects of pornography content with your children and teach them how to use the internet responsibly.

    You may have used parental controls on Android or other devices. But with Safes, you have access to a wide range of features to protect your child in the digital world. Download the app now for Android or iOS and use our free trial to have a higher level of parental controlling experience.

    Rana Mazahernasab

    Rana Mazahernasab

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