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The Best Way to Block YouTube Ads

Rana Mazahernasab

Rana Mazahernasab

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    YouTube, undoubtedly, is a platform of endless possibilities. From entertaining videos to informative tutorials, it has become a part of our online experience. However, users often complain about one thing, YouTube ads. Therefore, you may have tried finding a way to block YouTube ads forever. These ads, while essential for content creators and advertisers, can be annoying to appear during a video.

    One of the most effective ways to block YouTube ads is using ad blocker extensions and YouTube premium accounts. These browser add-ons are designed to detect and remove advertisements from web pages, including those on YouTube. Popular ad-blocker extensions such as TOTAL AdBlock offer comprehensive solutions to get rid of unwanted ads, providing a smoother experience.

    In this blog, we’ll discuss how to make YouTube safe for children by blocking ads on this platform. So first, let’s check what impacts these ads may have on kids.


    What Are the Impacts of Improper YouTube Ads on Children?

    When children watch videos on YouTube, they might come across ads that are not suitable for their age. These ads can have some negative effects, affecting their mental health. Read on to learn how parental controls on YouTube work and how to guarantee your child’s online safety.  Inappropriate YouTube ads can affect the young generation in various ways such as:

    • More Exposure to Inappropriate Content: While watching a video, kids may see ads not aimed at their age. Inappropriate ads may show content that is not suitable for children, increasing the chance of cyber threats.
    • Influence on Behavior: Children are easily influenced by what they see. Improper ads may promote unhealthy habits, materialism, or negative behaviors, leading children to imitate what they see in the ads.
    • Emotional Impact: Some ads may contain content that triggers negative emotions, such as fear or anxiety, in children. This can affect their emotional well-being and cause distress or discomfort.
    • Distraction from Educational Content: Ads can interrupt the viewing experience and distract children from educational or informative content on YouTube.
    • Privacy Concerns: Inappropriate ads may collect personal information from children without their consent. So, it can put their privacy and online safety at risk.


    What Are the Ways to Block YouTube Ads?

    There are two different ways you can block YouTube advertisements: Using ad blockers and subscribing to YouTube Premium. Below, we’ve explained how you can prevent unwanted ads using each way.


    Ad Blocker Extensions

    Installing an Ad blocker extension is the common way of blocking ads on YouTube. These browser add-ons are available for popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. There are various ad-blocker extensions to choose from. The most popular one is TOTAL AdBlock. When you install it, the extension detects the ads and filters them. So, it won’t show up on the video. This way, users can enjoy uninterrupted viewing without the annoyance of ads.


    YouTube Premium Subscription

    Another option for users looking to avoid advertisements in YouTube is to subscribe to YouTube Premium. This premium service offers an ad-free experience, along with additional features such as offline viewing, background playback, and access to exclusive content. While this option requires a monthly subscription fee, it provides a convenient solution for users who spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube.


    a laptop screen showing blocking ads and pop-ups


    How to Make YouTube Safe for Children?

    Our young children are immersed in digital devices and online platforms. YouTube, this big institution, is one of the most viewed platforms by people all around the world, especially the youth. However, not all types of content on YouTube are safe for them, making kids and teens susceptible to potential threats.

    A study, Children’s Safety on YouTube, by a group of researchers including Saeed Ibrahim Alqahtani, has suggested some ways to protect kids from these harmful videos. They have found five main ways: rating videos, using parental control apps, analyzing video data, analyzing user accounts, and analyzing audio content.

    All in all, parents’ roles in safeguarding children’s well-being in the cyber world, specifically YouTube, cannot be more emphasized. With the right tools, open conversations with kids, and monitoring of their online activities, children are able to use this platform safely.


    two kids lying down and watching videos on YouTube


    Final Word

    With a range of options available to remove ads on YouTube, users have the power to control what content they see on this platform. You can either install a simple browser extension or provide YouTube Premium to get rid of ads and ensure a more enjoyable online experience.

    However, when it comes to our children, we, as responsible parents need to take action and guarantee their safety. The influences of inappropriate YouTube ads on children can be significant, affecting their emotional well-being, behavior, and online safety. Therefore, parents need to monitor their children’s online activities and limit exposure to inappropriate content.

    But why stop at ad blocking? Take control of your kid’s online experience even further with Safes, our parental control app. With Safes, you can effortlessly monitor your children’s online activities, and rest assured they are away from potential dangers. Using the app, you can easily block some types of content and set a screen time limit on YouTube and other apps. Say goodbye to cumbersome built-in settings of parental controls on Android and other devices – simply download Safes for Android and iOS. Then, enjoy peace of mind with our user-friendly interface and practical features.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try Safes for yourself. Take advantage of our free trial today and experience the benefits of enhanced online safety and control.

    Rana Mazahernasab

    Rana Mazahernasab

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    4. Navigate to the Manage extensions page. Click the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome and select “Extensions”>”Manage Extensions”>”Details”
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    Download Safes Kids App on Play Store

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