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TikTok: Beyond Entertainment to a Revolution in Learning

Faraz Daneshgari

Faraz Daneshgari

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    TikTok has revolutionized not just entertainment but education too, and teaching with TikTok has become more popular. With millions of TikTok users, the platform is brimming with educational content that’s reshaping learning. This blog delves into the educational TikTok landscape, and it highlights top accounts that offer an enriching experience for kids and teens. Whether it’s science, history, or arts, these TikTok educators are transforming traditional learning methods, making education accessible, engaging, and fun for the digital generation.


    Exploring TikTok’s Landscape

    As a social media platform, TikTok offers various content, ranging from dance videos to educational material. The platform is characterized by short-form videos, often accompanied by original sound or popular music tracks. Content creators on TikTok leverage the platform’s features to produce diverse content that appeals to different audiences.

    In terms of general content, TikTok hosts a wide array of videos. The platform is not just about dance videos; it includes various genres like comedy, DIY, life hacks, and more. Popular social media influencers and TikTok creators like Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and Bella Poarch have gained significant followings for their varied content, which often extends beyond dance routines to include lifestyle, fashion, and other personal interests.

    The platform’s structure supports brief and engaging content, often capitalizing on trends, challenges, and the use of original soundtracks or popular songs. The format of TikTok videos, typically short and snappy, aligns with the quick consumption habits of the app’s user base. In recent years, numerous apps, including Zigazoo, have emerged, inspired by TikTok’s success and aiming to replicate its engaging, short-form content model.


    Exploring the Educational Side of TikTok

    Using TikTok for education is an aspect of the platform that showcases a variety of short-form videos on subjects ranging from cooking to crafts and math skills. The trend towards educational content on TikTok is growing, as seen in the popularity of creators who provide informative material and educators who use TikTok for teaching. For example, creators like Hank Green, who shares educational videos on everyday scientific topics, and Phil Cook, a chemistry teacher exploring cool phenomena, are examples of how TikTok can be used for educational purposes. These creators exemplify the platform’s capacity for delivering content in a manner that aligns with the attention spans of younger audiences, particularly Gen Z, who are reported to have an average attention span of around 8 seconds.

    The platform facilitates a microlearning style, where content is concise yet informative, fitting into the trend of bite-sized learning. This style is exemplified by the popularity of educational hashtags such as #LearnOnTikTok. The success of using TikTok for education can also be attributed to its nature as both a learning platform and a social network, allowing users to engage with content in a manner that is interactive and socially driven.

    Furthermore, TikTok provides a platform for educators and creators independent of traditional educational institutions, allowing them to reach a wider audience. The influence on TikTok is often based on the ability of creators to engage and educate in a compelling way, rather than traditional educational credentials.


    A teenage TikTok content creator sharing educational content with her followers.


    Top Educational Accounts on TikTok: Our Picks

    TikTok, a platform bustling with creativity and a treasure trove of educational content, has become an essential tool for learning, especially for kids in high school and beyond. Here’s a glimpse into some remarkable TikTok accounts that are reshaping the way we think about education:



    Delve into the past with @annelisethearchaeologist. This account is a digital time machine, offering a unique window into the world of archaeology. As a content creator, Annelise posts videos that captivate and educate, perfect for high school students fascinated by history and the mysteries of ancient civilizations.



    The iconic Bill Nye, a household name in science education, brings his wealth of knowledge to TikTok. His account, @billnye, is a blend of fascinating science facts and experiments, perfect for young minds eager to explore the wonders of the universe.



    The Carnegie Museum of Natural History (@carnegiemnh) takes you on a virtual tour through natural history. From dinosaurs to ecosystems, their content is a visual feast, making learning both engaging and entertaining.



    For those with a penchant for chemistry, @chemteacherphil is the go-to TikTok account. Phillip Cook, the man behind the account, demonstrates exciting chemistry experiments, explains complex concepts, and adds a touch of humor, making chemistry approachable for students.



    The @discovery channel on TikTok is like having a pocket-sized science and nature encyclopedia. From animal behaviors to technological breakthroughs, their videos create content that’s as informative as it is entertaining.



    Encyclopedia Britannica has taken its vast reservoir of knowledge to TikTok with the account @encyclopaediabritannica. It’s a fantastic resource for students to get quick, reliable information on a wide array of topics.



    Hank Green, a household name in TikTok teaching, is known for making complex scientific concepts accessible. His content ranges from environmental science to intriguing everyday phenomena, making it a great educational resource for high school students and even one of the best TikTok accounts for adults.



    The @history channel on TikTok offers bite-sized lessons on significant historical events, figures, and myths. It’s an excellent way for students to supplement their history lessons with interesting, easily digestible content.



    For a deep dive into the human body, the @instituteofhumananatomy is unmatched. This account provides detailed insights into our anatomy, making it a valuable resource for students interested in biology or medicine.



    @ludus creates content that is a blend of education and entertainment, perfect for students who enjoy learning through engaging and interactive videos.



    The Natural History Museum’s TikTok account, @naturalhistorymuseum, brings the wonders of natural history right to your screen. It’s an excellent way for students to explore different aspects of biology and earth science.



    Neil deGrasse Tyson, on his account @neildegrassetyson, simplifies complex physics concepts, making them understandable and enjoyable for high school students and anyone interested in the mysteries of the cosmos.



    Finally, @thephysicsgirl makes physics fun and approachable. Her content is perfect for students who find physics challenging or are simply curious about how the world works.

    Each of these accounts offers a unique perspective on learning, proving that education is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. By following these content creators, students can enrich their knowledge and possibly discover a newfound passion for subjects they might have overlooked in a traditional classroom setting.


    How to Choose the Best Educational TikTok Accounts for Kids and Teens

    If you’re interested in finding other educational TikTok accounts for your kids, consider these key factors to ensure they’re not just scrolling, but actually learning and picking up valuable life hacks:

    1. Content Quality and Relevance: Choose accounts that offer high-quality, engaging content in their respective fields. These accounts present information in a way that’s digestible and relatable to kids.
    2. Safety and Suitability: Ensure the content is appropriate for your child’s age group. TikTok offers various parental controls like restricted mode and privacy settings to filter content and protect your child’s online experience.
    3. Educational Value: Look for accounts that contribute to your child’s learning and growth. Seek accounts that not only provide knowledge in their respective fields but also encourage personal development and creativity.
    4. Engagement and Interaction: Choose accounts that encourage interaction and active learning. This can be done through experiments, tutorials, or Q&A sessions, making the learning process more dynamic and enjoyable.
    5. Diverse Learning Opportunities: TikTok is a versatile platform, so take advantage of its range. From biology to health education, the variety ensures a well-rounded learning experience.

    Remember, TikTok learning is more than just passively watching videos. It’s about finding creators who can transform complex ideas into bite-sized, engaging content that resonates with your child’s interests and learning style.


    Parents scrolling through TikTok content with their daughter to find the most suitable content for her.


    Discover Safes: Your Partner in Digital Parenting

    Navigating the complexities of your child’s online world, particularly on platforms like TikTok, can be daunting. While built-in parental controls on Android or iPhone parental controls are a good starting point for managing your child’s digital activities, there are more advanced tools available. That’s where our parental control app, Safes, steps in. Safes offers a robust solution to manage and monitor your kids’ digital footprint.


    Key Features of Safes:

    1. Content Monitoring: Safes gives you detailed reports on the type of content your child encounters online, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
    2. App Management: With Safes, you have the power to set usage limits on specific apps or block them entirely, tailoring your child’s online experience to suit your values. Additionally, Safes enables you to grant unrestricted access to educational apps and websites.
    3. Search Alerts: Stay ahead with alerts whenever your child searches for keywords or phrases that you’ve flagged as concerning.
    4. Bedtime Scheduling: Put an end to endless nighttime scrolling with Safes’ bedtime feature, encouraging healthier digital habits.

    Interested in elevating your digital parenting? Begin your journey with Safes. Start your free trial today and experience the difference in how you manage your child’s digital world. Safes is available for both iOS and Android.



    TikTok offers a wealth of educational content through useful TikTok accounts. By embracing this new wave of digital learning, parents and educators can enhance the educational experience for kids and teens. These TikTok accounts are not just about consuming information; they are about engaging, interacting, and inspiring a love for learning in a format that resonates with today’s tech-savvy generation.

    Faraz Daneshgari

    Faraz Daneshgari

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