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    According to Statista, the average YouTube user’s age is in their mid-20s. Even for kids, the appeal of being a YouTuber in the always-changing digital world is irresistible. This blog post tries to elucidate the intricacies of navigating this environment and emphasize the major components of becoming a content creator, in addition to addressing the critical question of whether you need to be a YouTuber in the first place. This article aims to provide parents with knowledge about how to be a YouTuber kid. This way parents can provide their children with a safe and enjoyable YouTube experience, with a focus on the legal aspects of young producers as well as the artistic nuances of content production.


    What Does It Mean to be a YouTuber?

    Famous kid YouTubers have the following skills that differentiate them from the crowd of YouTube content creators:

    1. Content Creation: YouTubers make videos on a variety of subjects, such as vlogs, reviews, tutorials, entertainment, and education. The individual’s hobbies and degree of competence can have a big impact on the material.
    2. Channel Management: Where they upload and arrange their videos, YouTubers usually have their own channels. They may pick the profile and banner photos, create descriptions for their channel, and alter the style of their channel.
    3. Building an Audience: Promising YouTubers put a lot of effort into growing and interacting with their following. This entails being aware of their audience’s interests, replying to feedback, and use social media to advertise their films and engage with fans. Making videos for 9-year-olds is different from other types of video-making.
    4. Monetization: Many YouTubers generate money by including advertisements in their videos which can become a problem for YouTuber teenagers and kids.
    5. Editing Proficiency: YouTubers frequently need to have a basic understanding of video editing. Through editing, they may improve the caliber of their material, incorporate effects, and produce a polished end result.  This can also be affected by using low-quality video equipment. However, the best YouTube video equipment is quite expensive.
    6. Consistency: Updating frequently is essential to sustaining and expanding a following. A posting schedule is something that many popular YouTubers do to keep their audience interested and aware of when to anticipate new videos.


    Child taking a video selfie of himself for YouTube


    Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Kid

    First you have to create a Google account for your kids. YouTube’s minimum age for channel creation is 13 years and above. Even then, children between 13 and 17 years of age have to create an account with parental supervision.


    How Parents Can Make YouTube Safe

    Although YouTube can be appropriate for children, parents and guardians should be aware of the accessible content and take care to make YouTube safe for children. Here are some tips to make watching YouTube and YouTube Shorts  a safer experience for your child:

    1. YouTube Kids: “YouTube Kids” is a specialized app that YouTube offers that is intended only for kids. With material selected with younger audiences in mind, this app offers a safer atmosphere. In order to better fit their child’s age, parents may limit screen time, set up parental controls, and alter content settings.
    2. Parental Controls: On the main YouTube site, parents may limit the kinds of content that can be accessed and restrict access to key tools like search using YouTube’s parental controls. A child’s Google Account settings can be used to do this.
    3. Content Filters: Users can restrict particular videos or channels by using the content filters that YouTube offers. These filters allow parents to shield their kids from potentially inappropriate information.
    4. Supervision and Communication: It’s critical that parents have an open line of communication on internet safety and keep an eye on their kids’ YouTube usage. Teach kids the value of reporting offensive information and the possible dangers of communicating with strangers online. Sometimes setting a screen time limit on YouTube can be an effective way to get your child to listen.
    5. Review Content Together: Parents may examine the media that their kids subscribe to and watch. This enables parents to address any issues and have a better understanding of the kinds of information their child is consuming.
    6. Exercise Caution When Using Live Streams and Comment Sections: These areas might present extra hazards. When letting kids join in live conversations, parents should exercise caution and think twice before letting them leave comments on videos they see. It’s important to protect your child from the most toxic YouTube communities.
    7. Safes Parental Control App: You can use our parental control app, Safes, to protect your child on more than one social media platform. Using Safes, you can limit screen time, block apps entirely, block web searches of inappropriate URLs and keywords, track their location in real-time, and more. Safes is available on iOS and Android.



    The idea of kids becoming YouTubers is an interesting and complex one in the ever-changing world of online content creation. As we get to the end of this tutorial, it is clear that, even while YouTube may provide a creative and educational platform, cautious use is essential. Using resources like YouTube Kids, content filters, and open communication, parents are essential in helping to create a safe online environment for their kids. Parents may help their children turn their love of YouTube into a safe and rewarding creative adventure by being aware of age limits, content requirements, and legal issues.



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    4. Navigate to the Manage extensions page. Click the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome and select “Extensions”>”Manage Extensions”>”Details”
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    Download Safes Kids App on Play Store

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