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What Are the Benefits of Social Media for Teens?

Rana Mazahernasab

Rana Mazahernasab

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    What are some good things about social media? Can my teen benefit from using these platforms? If you’re looking for answers to these questions, you’ve come to the right place! From scrolling through Instagram to sharing memes on TikTok, young people are constantly using social media all around the world. As parents, it’s natural to be concerned about how much time our teens spend on social media and its impact on their well-being. However, amidst these concerns, it’s important to know the benefits of social media for teens and understand these platforms are not all bad. In fact, they offer many benefits that can positively influence our teens’ lives.


    Read on to get familiar with the surprising ways your teen benefits from social media. This way, you can make more informed decisions about their social media usage and understand why they need it. So, why is social media helpful? Let’s dive in to figure it out!


    Should Middle Schoolers Have Social Media?

    Before diving into the positive impact of social media on youth, we can answer the question that may appear in your head: Is social media good for kids and middle schoolers as well? It’s crucial to know that the level of maturity and age of your children play an important role. Middle schoolers, 11 to 13 years old, vary widely in their emotional maturity and ability to use social media. Some may be ready to handle the responsibilities and challenges, while others may not be. Parents need to help their children explore the digital world responsibly.

    Therefore, parents can determine if their middle schoolers are ready to experience the new type of communication through these platforms. Moreover, parents should have open and ongoing conversations about online safety, privacy, cyberbullying, and appropriate behavior.


    Why Do Teens Use Social Media?

    So, why are our teens constantly using Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, and other platforms? The answer lies in the pros of social media for youth. Social media platforms let teens connect and communicate with their friends, family members, and peers. It allows them to stay in touch, share updates about their lives, and maintain relationships, especially when they’re unable to meet in person. So, instead of spending so much time talking on the phone, you tend to see them texting and sharing content.

    Additionally, teenagers are able to express themselves creatively and explore their identities through social media. They can share photos, videos, thoughts, and opinions, and receive validation and feedback from their online communities. These platforms are used for seeking validation and approval from peers. Furthermore, some use social media to cultivate a personal brand or online persona, showcasing their interests, talents, and achievements. This can be particularly relevant for teens who want to pursue careers in fields like entertainment, fashion, or content creation.

    All the reasons we reviewed for teens’ social media usage are considerably related to their adolescent needs and desires. That’s why we, as parents, need to put extra effort into guiding our teens to use social media responsibly. It’s important to recognize the risks, as well as the benefits, such as social media scams, threats, fake news, and negative effects.


    three girls taking selfies with a phone and showing gestures to post on social media


    How Is Social Media Good for Teens?

    Now it’s time to explore the positive effects of social media on teens. Despite various social media challenges for our children, these platforms can be beneficial in certain ways. So, we need to recognize these advantages and understand why social media is good for teens. For this, we can refer to the findings of a study by Elda Tartari that focuses on the benefits and risks of children and adolescents using social media.


    Easier Social Connections

    Social media platforms can be a space to connect with friends, family members, and peers, especially those who may be geographically distant. Having social connections becomes one of the primary needs of children when they enter adolescence. This can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, fostering a sense of belonging and social support. Additionally,  engaging in online conversations, whether through messaging, comments, or posts, can help them develop their communication skills and learn to express themselves effectively in written form.


    More Learning Opportunities

    Bringing various learning methods and opportunities is one of the benefits of social media for students. Many scholars believe that students learn in new ways using social media, and educators should embrace these platforms. Some schools use blogs and social media programs as teaching tools, helping students do assignments together.


    Increasing Creativity and Self-expression

    With an outlet for creativity, teenagers can have the chance to express themselves and enhance their talents. They can share photos, videos, artwork, and writing, showcasing their talents and interests to a wider audience. This way, they can connect to people with the same tastes or those who can help them with their future jobs. This is one of the benefits of social networking for students, leading to the formation of supportive online communities and friendships.


    Access to Information and Resources

    Providing teens with access to a vast array of information, resources, and educational content, social media can serve as a large library for teenagers. They can use platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to learn about new topics, explore different perspectives, and access educational resources. For example, teens can access health information online easily and anonymously. This can be especially helpful for sensitive topics like sexual health and mental well-being. However, parents should be more involved in monitoring their children’s online activities and discussing these issues openly.


    While social media offers these potential benefits for teens, parents, and caregivers need to guide them in using these platforms safely. Teaching teens about online privacy, digital citizenship, and critical thinking skills can help maximize the positive effects of social media on youth.


    a group of teens taking a photo together smiling for social media with several social media icons around them


    Final Word

    In this blog, we discussed the answers to the questions “Why is social media good for teens?” and “What are the benefits of social media use?”. With all the positive social media statistics and its benefits, you should know social media is more harmful than beneficial. While it offers opportunities for communication, socialization, and learning, it also comes with risks such as excessive screen time, cyberbullying, and exposure to inappropriate content.


    Our children are using various social media platforms all around the globe while facing its benefits and challenges. What they need is a balance and promoting responsible use. One way to do this is by using parental control tools to monitor their online activities. This is what Safes, our parental control app, is here for! Safes allows parents to control and manage their children’s online activities, ensuring they stay safe and healthy in the digital world.


    If you have used Macbook parental controls, you will have an incredible experience with Safes as it offers wide access to every feature you need! With Safes, available for both Android and iOS devices, parents can set limits on screen time, block inappropriate content, and track their children’s online behavior. So, let’s help our teenagers reap the benefits of social media while minimizing its risks, creating a safer and more positive online environment for them to thrive in. You can also use our free trial to test how the app works!

    Rana Mazahernasab

    Rana Mazahernasab

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