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The Walking Dead Parental Guide: Reviews & Age Ratings

The Walking Dead Parental Guide: Is the Series Suitable for Your Child?



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    Based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead presents a gripping narrative of survivors navigating a world devastated by a zombie apocalypse. The show, which premiered on AMC in 2010, is recognized for its compelling storytelling, memorable characters, and intense, often graphic, depictions of violence and horror. It’s no surprise that many parents are asking, “Is The Walking Dead suitable for my child?” This comprehensive The Walking Dead parental guide aims to answer that question.


    What Is The Walking Dead About?

    The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors led by former sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes in their quest for safety and security in a world overrun by zombies, referred to as “walkers.” Throughout 11 seasons, the show delves into the depths of human morality and explores how people react when pushed to their limits. The constant threat of death and the struggle to maintain humanity in a world gone mad are key themes throughout the series.

    The Walking Dead is unflinching in its portrayal of violence and gore. From the walkers’ relentless hunger for human flesh to the brutal, often bloody conflicts between survivors, the show doesn’t shy away from showing the harsh realities of a post-apocalyptic world. So, what does this mean for younger viewers? Let’s delve deeper into the The Walking Dead age rating and content advisory details.


    The Walking Dead Age Rating and Parental Advisory


    The Walking Dead Age Rating and Parental Advisory

    The Walking Dead is rated TV-MA in the US, meaning that it’s intended for mature audiences and may not be suitable for minors under 17. Read IMDb’s parents’ guide for The Walking Dead’s age rating in other regions. The series features intense sequences of violence, including stabbing and shooting, and disturbing images of bloody and horrific walker attacks. Scenes of violence against children are also depicted, which may be particularly distressing for younger viewers.

    Other than The Walking Dead’s gore, parents must consider that swearing and profanity are rampant throughout the show. Furthermore, the series doesn’t shy away from exploring adult themes such as sexuality and infidelity. There are off-screen references to:

    • Sexual acts
    • Affairs
    • Pregnancy
    • Birth control

    However, the question of “Is there nudity in The Walking Dead?” can be answered with a resounding “no,” as explicit sexual content is generally absent from the series.


    The Walking Dead Parents Guide: Understanding the Risks

    Parents must understand the potential risks associated with watching violent series like The Walking Dead as well as other media like violent video games on young viewers. Media violence has the potential to desensitize young viewers to violence. Moreover, Dr. John Crimmins from the HealthNews website believes watching intense scenes of violence and gore can trigger fear and anxiety in some children and teens, potentially leading to sleep disturbances and other behavioral changes.

    Furthermore, the show’s depictions of violence against children and the frequent loss of beloved characters can be emotionally distressing. For instance, the unexpected deaths of young characters, underscore the constant danger in the world of The Walking Dead. These tragic moments could be traumatic for younger viewers and lead to feelings of sadness or fear.


    Scene for The Walking Dead Series


    Experts’ Reviews

    According to a review by Common Sense Media, The Walking Dead is suitable for viewers aged 16 and above. The review highlights the show’s vividly violent action sequences, strong language, and occasional sexual content as reasons for this age rating.

    It’s also worth noting that the series’ violence evolves over time. While early seasons focus more on zombie violence, later seasons feature more human-on-human violence as conflicts between survivor groups escalate. This shift may make the later episodes of The Walking Dead more intense and potentially more disturbing for younger viewers.


    Our Experience and Recommendation

    We believe that when deciding whether to let your child watch the show, you should consider your child’s:

    • Maturity level
    • Emotional readiness
    • Understanding the difference between reality and fiction

    All in all, we recommend that you watch The Walking Dead with your older teenagers and use the viewing experience as an opportunity to discuss the series’ themes and content. This open communication can help your child process what they’re seeing and provide them with a safe space to express their thoughts and emotions.


    Ensuring Safe Viewing: Introducing the Safes Parental Control App

    Today, it’s more important than ever to monitor and manage your child’s access to mature content on the internet. That’s where the Safes parental control app comes in. Safes allows you to set age-appropriate content restrictions, ensuring that your child can enjoy a safe and suitable viewing experience.

    With Safes, you can rest easy knowing that your child is protected from inappropriate content, whether on streaming platforms or social media. Feel free to try Safes by downloading it from our website or common app distribution platforms like Google Play and App Store.

    Find out more about putting parental controls on your child’s devices using the following resources:


    The Walking Dead Parental Guide: Conclusion

    The Walking Dead offers a gripping exploration of humanity’s struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. However, its intense scenes of violence and adult themes make it a series that requires careful consideration before viewing, particularly for younger audiences.

    While we don’t recommend the series to children below 16, we believe with parental guidance and monitoring, The Walking Dead can be an engaging viewing experience for older teenagers. But as always, it’s essential for you to remain vigilant and proactive in guiding your child’s media consumption.



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