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The Effects of Hugging Your Child

Rana Mazahernasab

Rana Mazahernasab

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    Why is it important to hug your child? What are the effects of hugging your child? Parenting is a journey full of special moments that bring us closer to our children. One of the simplest yet most powerful moments is hugging your child. It’s more than just a cuddle; it’s a way of showing love without needing words.

    Hugging helps children feel close to their parents and makes them feel calm. When parents hug their kids, it sends a message of love and comfort. The reason is releasing a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone reduces stress and makes both the parent and baby feel calmer. However, it’s never too much to hug your child as long as it’s done with respect for their feelings and boundaries. Pay attention to your child’s cues, and always prioritize their comfort and consent when it comes to physical affection.

    In this blog, we’ll discuss why hugging is so important for parents and kids. We’ll explore its benefits and effects on children. We’ll also discuss if there are any limitations and considerations to take into account. So, let’s dive into it and see why hugging matters for children!


    What Are the Benefits of Hugging Your Child?

    Hugging has various positive effects on humans, especially newborn children. A study by Sachine Yoshida and Hiromasa Funato published in 2021 resulted in an article named Physical Contact in Parent-infant Relationship. This study focused on the effects of direct contact of parents with their infants. It reveals that hugging helps infants form a strong emotional bond. When the baby feels this touch, it’s sensed by special nerves in their body and sent to their brain. As a result, the touching makes the baby feel calm and comfortable. Hugging, in particular, is a way for the infant and caregiver to communicate their feelings to each other.

    To deeply understand the effect of hugs on health, let’s see what happens in the body when you hug others. Hugging releases oxytocin, often referred to as the “love hormone”. This hormone helps reduce stress and anxiety levels in both parent and child. This is the main reason why your crying baby gets calm once you hug them.

    To list all the benefits of hugging your child, we can mention the items below:

    • Strengthening the emotional bond with parents
    • Creating a sense of closeness and a strong relationship
    • Making the child feel safe, protected, and loved
    • Promoting feelings of calmness and relaxation
    • Enhancing communication skills
    • Learning the importance of showing affection and empathy towards others


    a mother smiling and hugging her daughter


    What Happens When Children Are Not Hugged?

    When you don’t hug your children, you take away all the benefits of this physical affection from them. Therefore, they may feel less secure and loved, which can affect their self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, they may experience higher levels of stress and anxiety. This is when they may start showing signs of childhood emotional neglect. Hugging plays a vital role in showing love and a close connection to others. If kids don’t experience being hugged by their parents, it may negatively impact their emotional and psychological development. For instance, teenage communication problems is one of the impacts of not getting emotionally close to your children when they are kids.


    Is It OK to Hug Your Child Too Much?

    It’s natural to wonder “How many hugs do kids need a day?” or if there’s such a thing as too much hugging when it comes to your child. The truth is, it’s generally not possible to hug your child too much. Hugging is a powerful way to show love and support, and it’s an essential part of building a strong bond with your child.

    However, it’s crucial to pay attention to your child’s cues and signals. While most children enjoy and benefit from hugs, some may not always be in the mood for physical affection. It’s essential to respect your child’s boundaries and never force them to hug you or anyone else if they don’t want to. Forcing a child to hug can send the wrong message about consent and personal boundaries. It’s important to teach children that they have control over their bodies and that it’s okay to say no to physical contact if they’re not comfortable. By respecting your child’s autonomy, you’re helping them develop a healthy sense of self and fostering trust in your relationship.


    a young girl is giving her father a hug while the mother is smiling at them


    Final Word

    Hugging your child is crucial for their growth and your relationship with them. It helps them feel safe and happy, and it’s good for their brain too. Studies show that regular hugs and gentle touches are super important for kids, as they help them feel close to their parents and develop well. As a result, they feel more comfortable about sharing their feelings with their parents and get help if they have problems. However, don’t force your child to hug, as it is a harmful behavior that can impact the child’s future relationships.

    This blog thoroughly covered the answer to the question “Why is it important to cuddle your child?” As a responsible parent, it’s important to keep an eye on every single aspect of your parenting and discover which behaviors are wrong or right. Moreover, did you know you could also have ultimate control of your child’s online activities? This way, you can protect them in the cyber world and prevent any damage. So, take the first step in nurturing your child’s well-being by downloading Safes, our parental control app.

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    Rana Mazahernasab

    Rana Mazahernasab

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